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Following the link below the posts it says it's made from Spotted Gum, and Red Gum - it also doesn't look like the headboard and base are connected (short pieces don't come close, and the long pieces simply look butted up against the headboard). I wonder if the headboard is mounted to the wall somehow.
That shoulder seam looks similar to what you'd see on jackets from the 20's/Jazz Suits. Here's a boating blazer which illustrates the seam more clearly.
I thought I knew my shoe size, but I was recently fitted and found out I didn't know my size. As a result I need to clear out my shoes so I can buy some which actually fit. The Loake Kempton chukkas have only been worn a handful of times. They come with the original box and shoe bags.10.5F UK/Brown suede leather with Goodyear welted Danite sole---SOLD!--- The Loake Aldwych oxfords were worn only worn once - to a friend's wedding - and come with the original box and shoes...
I made a trip to NYC yesterday and made a point to visit the store, and after trying on a few shirts decided on the New York Slim Fit. I got a blue OCBD (it was still wrapped up), and when I got back to where I was staying the night opened it up to find it had a box pleat and no darts. Have they changed the styling of the NYSF? Going by the description on their website it seems like it should have the darts.
Won the Kemptons. Should be here by Wednesday. Guess I'll find out if they're the right size or not. I did happen to notice my Clark's have a UK 10.5 size on them so the Kemptons should be good.
I just looked at the other thread I was using for reference and the guy went from a US 8D to a UK 7F which would be equivalent to me going from a US 11.5D to a UK 10.5F. That coupled with your advise makes me think a 10.5F is my best bet, and a pair just popped up on eBay.
No UK made shoes; although, I do have a pair of Timberland boots in 11.5M. Should I go for a 10.5F? or 10F? I thought I'd read something about finding your UK size (11UK for me according to the chart on the Loake site) and going down one (which would be the 10F).
I've been looking for a chukka for a while and I think I've decided on the Kempton, but the closest store which sells them is in NYC (I'm in Philly), and I'm hesitant about ordering because of sizing. I e-mailed Loake who referred me to someone else who referred me to the store itself, but no one would give a straight answer because they didn't want to suggest the wrong size. I have suede Clark's desert boots in 11D (Used to have a beeswax pair in 11.5D), and Bass Logan's...
I'm looking for some 501stf but I need them in 29x36 and can't find anything over a 34" inseam for that waist. Does anyone know where I could find a pair in my size?
  There's Mid-Century Modern which was, as SkinnyGoomba pointed out, to be obtainable. It was supposed to be more like fashion, buy a set of Mid-Century Modern stuff from mass produced man made materials, when the next thing comes along throw all that stuff out and get the new 'thing'. The Scandinavian region had furniture makers who used similar ideas of shapes and forms but wanted things that would last. Solid, useful, and beautiful. They were still in the Mid-Century...
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