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Thanks for the advice. Returned.
Hi All,   I have a fairly new belt which I picked up from the Menswear shop at Nordstrom.  The belt is made in USA using Italian calfskin so I would assume it's quality.  I've noticed that as I wear it, more pronounced crack-like marks (in between the brown of the leather you can see white) are beginning to appear around where I crease the belt.  Is this normal, or a sign of shoddy manufacturing?  Perhaps the belt just hasn't been conditioned in a while?  Or am I just...
Wanted to bring this one back to life on the subject of the crepe resole.  Has anyone actually successfully had a new crepe sole put on?  Which cobbler did you use?  From what I understand, it's difficult and takes the right machinery, but it is possible.  Thanks.
Ouch  Good thing they are removable.  Keeping them for casual wear, removing for more formal settings.
McGregors with a few edits. + Vibram half soles from our friends at B. Nelson plus added some kilties myself.
Thanks for the reply--yeah, stripping the boot is not really something I'd consider.  My main concern is that this area of the boot isn't any more vulnerable than the rest of the boot.  Strange in either case that this is happening--I've only worn these twice so far!   Thanks again.
Hi All,   Not sure how this happened (it may have in-fact been like this from the beginning without my noticing), but there seems to be a small scuff (for lack of a better work) or discoloration on the side of my shell boots.  I've tried boning, polishing with Venetian Shoe Cream, Cream Polish and Wax Polish.  Any tips, or should I just leave be?   Thanks, David    
Great thread!  Had to open it back up.   Just ordered a pair of the lace boots with a crepe sole.  From what I understand the sole would be glued on.  If I apply Obenauf's or mink oil to these, do I have to worry about them being able to be resoled?  From what I understand, some types of leather don't allow for resole after these have been applied.   Thanks much! David
Thanks a lot, guys.  Man of Lint, what do you mean by true tan shoes? Lighter?   Apparently they're a bit lighter in person.  Thanks for the response.
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