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Has anyone ordered different-sized ("mismate") boots with a cap toe? I really like the look of the cap toe, but my feet are different sizes, and it looks likely that I'll get a 10.5E on one foot and 11D on the other. Since the boots will be different lengths, I wonder if the cap toe will make that more noticeable and look off/asymmetrical.   Anyone have experience with this? Sorry if it's been discussed already (I've been going back through the whole thread).
If you want a chromexcel belt to match your 1Ks, but don't want to pay through the nose, try here: http://theleathershop.com/belts.html $65 isn't unreasonable these days for a belt made of real leather. I haven't gotten mine yet, but it looks pretty solid. Not sure about that "leather backing" to the buckle, but we'll see.
So, after browsing this thread, I picked up a pair of 1,000 Mile boots at a store here in Austin. I checked them for defects before purchasing, but after I took them home, I noticed one thing: this one stray, wide stitch hole on the side of one boot.         What do you all think? Does this look like a defect?   It did to me. The weird thing is... I already sent them back to Wolverine, and they said it is "just part of the stitching on the medial side of...
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