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hi , still have the alden boots? ref pic  20140211_151506.JPG ?   if so do you ship oversea and what's the charge for that? (germany or italy ,whichever costs less!)    looking forward to hear from you. Vittorio
I have actually bought now long ago a tie from Ulturale Cravatte, I can vouch they're the stuff of legend! The style is a bit crazy (i've got one of the "charm" collection , with corns , 4leaves clovers etc and I absolutely adore it! pic below);      Question for the post creator @blackdice ;     you mentioned Formica; I've seen in some shop in my hometown here in Italy some of his jakets and they look pretty nice , actually you can find some stuffs too on Yoox from...
amazing work guys!    Actually do you have anywhere I can buy your suits in italy????Torino maybe ... I know it sounds fun but you guys can find better napoli's styled suits in NY Chicago or SF than we can in Torino or Florence in Italy :-)   PS, I've loved so very much the pics about your items @ Pitti ! Great job , Italy wise your price range can be assumed to be around Caruso's and Sartorio?   I own a couple of caruso's suits bought in sales, like much more Isaia...
  Always glad to help ,  I'm really no expert... I took a leap of faith with Meermin (and 1th time went wrong, I choose wronge size  ship them back and waited another month over the 2 I had already waited).   But now I can defenetly say are the best shoes price vs quality I have, style again is subjective but the only shoes I like better are Ed Green and Crockett&Jones that unluckly I probably never will be able to afford in my life.   Polite shoes wise I have : 2 chuch's...
I know right????   I mean even without considering the 390 euro :D
  sorry long time from the post,   I ordered black oxford (hiro last ,classic line) ; I compare them to Church's, Prada, Ferragamo, Gucci's ... etc... First of all let me tell you I'm Italian so is not some kind of hate vs italian products, but this http://store.prada.com/it/IT/man/footwear/lace-ups/4E2339_OLE_F0C9G IMHO is coplete shit...  I'd not wear them if they'd give me 10$ everytime!  They not only look awfull , but are also made really really badly!   Taste is...
waited my ones over 2 months from order ... worth every single second of it...   they're having problems with huge amount of orders and they want to keep quality high ... so if you're unlucky they don't have your model ready you have to wait for them    is indeed frustrating but in the end you really get amazing stuff for the price you 'd buy a shitty pair of prada that last 3 monts on a 70% sale!
I only know those spanish bastards are going to cost me a lot of money  I truly love them 
You really can see is Caruso , I'm in love with the brand  Back looks fine to me, only issue the arm lenght as you said..I'd not alter much anything else!
Well if that's pre taylor all my compliments for the picking !!! It does look excellent on you!  Trousairs are perfect in fit, depend how you like 'em but also the lenght seems ok to me, only small issue I see is the sleeve that's 3\4 inch too short .  But really no biggie, also the jacket fits you like a glove!
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