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love the outfit :) I'm 29 and I wear constantly my borsalino , people make fun , I don't give 1\4 of a f..k :)
it's weird that it's so long given the shoulders fits you perfectly ! defenetly re-sell it ... notthing you can do about the lenght
 RUI half size down compare to Hiro is def. the way to go in my opinion aswell!
 I have the shell cordovan boots from Meermin since 2 months , only been using them 5\8 times maybe, I love them. I have 1 C&J \2 Church's and couple other Meermin shoes but clearly none of them are Shell so I really don't know if they're comparable or not ! I love shell and I've no chance to buy Alden which would be my 1st choice style wise so .... kind of had only one option :-)As said , I'm totally in love anyway, before meermin I used to have to look on ebay for...
has anyone ever proposed to Sandro something like the alden plain toes ?   Maybe rui last shell cordovan ... I'd love the Alden's but in Italy they cost a ridicolous amount of money (more tha 700 euro !)     the likes of :   would anyone of you like it too?
lucky you ! only SS suit I've took my very nice old lady tailor couple of hours to make it wearable! I had to alter nearly all the leg , most of the arms and the width of the jacket :) (luckly for me I've this lady that was a woman taylor all her life, now she only does dresses for couple of women (among which there is luckly my mom) and repairs suit to me and few other guys !
 neither yes or no...they are simply different fits ; rui is way larger (I've large feet so I like better the rui fit) than hiro in same size (i'd say even 5\6 mm) , same lenght  though. The fact that  RUI is larger makes most of the times suggestible to get 1\2 size less (goes same way for C&J in my experience) , off course if you get 1\2 size less you get also a bit shorter shoe ( again maybe 4\5 mm) but it should be compensated by the extra room you get on the...
  is it me or on the pic from behind it looks like the left shoulder is longer from the neck than the right one? that aside, very nice!
  It defenetly looks nice , my taste is for a bit longer jacket but it's a fixation of mine... Spotless lenght of trousairs ,harms lenght etc..fits you very nicely overall! did you have it altered @SuitSupply directly? 
 I don't agree, I have uk10 in hiro that fits me like a glove , uk10 in rui is just too large for me , I had to go down to 9.5 and it's much much better.
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