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I think they look fine. I wear similar shoes in black and brown regularly with suits.
Very nice!
What color shirt and pocket square should I pair with this suit and bowtie? It's for a Christmas party. 
Ralph Lauren black peak lapel tuxedo jacket that looks like it was never worn, in my size. No alterations required. $6.75.
All, Perhaps I should have posted here my advice request on matching a pocket square and shirt to a certain suit and bowtie. It has only gotten 1 response. Please take a look and offer your comments in this thread or the other one. As a newbie, I'm just starting to get the hang of the forum hierarchy and where to post this and that. I've no where to go but up....
I have my PS made. They cost less than $10 each and are unique. You pick out the patterns at your local fabric store, then find a good seamstress to do the rest. If you have several made at one time, you can negotiate a lower price.
Quote: Thanks for your input. About mixing greens- are these out?           Re: picking up something in the suit, I'm not really sure what PS I have to do that. I don't want to overdo it. Thoughts?               I have a solid red silk PS that would match my bowtie. Maybe sticking with white is the no-brainer.      
All,   I'm not sure if this is the correct forum heading under which to ask for some advice, but here goes:   I'm attending a Christmas party this weekend. My suit of choice is a grey wool, windowpane, single-breasted style with a notch collar. I have a dark green and cardinal red striped bowtie I plan to wear for the occasion (self-tie, of course) and was trying to decide on a shirt color and pocket square. White and white? Perhaps a light green shirt? Should I...
I'm a 30-something attorney from the southern US. No, I don't own a seer sucker. Not yet, anyway. I'm straight and enjoy an occasional french cuff shirt, a selection of watches, tech, tinkering with my vehicles, and wearing suits a few times a week. I'm hoping to hone my fashion sense as a member of this forum. I made a New Year's resolution to step up my style; so far that has meant the use of pocket squares.
  Seiko SNA414 Flight Chronograph   Another view:  
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