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Hi Guy:   I wonder if Viberg will recraft their own boots?  It seems there is no info online.  What will be the price to recraft a 1940 service boot in Dainite  and where should I send it to?    Thanks!
I have both shoes (Woodstock and Pembroke). I think 4497s last VS C&J's 325 is very similar.  4497s is a touch wider than 325.  For your info, I wear UK9.5 in 4497s and UK9.5 in C&J 325.  I only size down to 9 UK in 4444 last.  
Saw a stow boot in NYC subway. Nicely broken in!
    I don't get it....  I called C&J NYC and they said sale starts tomorrow on the 27th Dec.  Is there a private sale going on for loyal customer or something???
This is what I think too....  Chestnut have more reddish tint in the color.  Thanks for answering.  Merry Christmas!
I am little confused with JL's color....  What is the difference between bracken misty calf vs chestnut misty calf?   Are they basically the same thing?  I can't tell from the images on the webpage.  Is bracken misty calf an old color?  Merry Christmas JL thread!
The derby are not on sale.  There are different styles on sale in the store in the $800-1000 ranges.  You get more discount on the Chambord boot only.
Awesome!  Does the black comes in different finishes?  I remember the one I saw on the Chambord II boot is more glossy. 
Do you think bracken misty calf will develop a nice patina?  I like their black calf as well
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