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Thanks for the info Allan!  It is a nice description about cordovan leather.  This is hysterical to buy cordovan shoe to save money.  love it.
What is the difference between horsehide vs cordovan?  Is horsehide just any parts of a horse instead of horsebutt? 
What is the difference between horsehide and cordovan leather?  Is it nearly the same quality as Alden Cordovan?  
I wonder what do you prefer soft toe or hard toe?  do you guys think soft toe aged better?   
  What Size?  
It is on Barrie last.  Yes you can re-craft with leather sole.  I'm not sure how durable this it since it is the first one I have.   
Brand New Made in England - This is 4444 Last - Calf leather upper, leather lined, 4 eyelets - Goodyear welted with Danite sole - made in England   New York City Pickup only!
  I just contacted Rancourt and they said this is Bulldog leather. 
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