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The derby are not on sale.  There are different styles on sale in the store in the $800-1000 ranges.  You get more discount on the Chambord boot only.
Awesome!  Does the black comes in different finishes?  I remember the one I saw on the Chambord II boot is more glossy. 
Do you think bracken misty calf will develop a nice patina?  I like their black calf as well
They still have size left for the Chambord II boot and the black calf is amazing.  It seems the bracken misty calf is running out of size soon. 
How long have you been wearing this shoe?  It looks very well maintain. 
I saw the hunt derby and it is 2k, but the leather and stitch are so beautiful.  Also they have a hand made wingtip.  The weird thing is they look substantial ,but sleek and elegant at the same time.  
Thanks!  I just amazing how well made the shoe is...  You can feel the layering of the leather, liner and reinforcement...etc.  but the out sole is extremely stiff which might last a very long time.
Hi cracked crab: I just realized there is no metal eyelets on the Demi-chasse. Is it normal? Most of my shoes from c&j, Alden, trickers... Etc has metal eyelet either outside of inside of the holes.
 Crackedcrab thanks for your reply.  I bought the shoe yesterday and I agree it is unlike C&J and ALDEN.  It kind of reminds me of Tricker's but a lot better finish quality.  The steel toe is a nice touch.  I bet it will take a long time to break in.  feel extremely solid. http://nymag.com/guides/everything/shoes/27345/ http://lyramag.blogspot.com/2008/01/jm-weston-updated-new-image-for.html
I agree..... I think scotch grain looks better on this boot...
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