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They also have couple C&J models. A very nice store.
  Beautiful Shoe!  Pembroke is what you need for salt covered streets.
http://www.stitchedandstitched.com/?p=1488   This guy said:   THE SHINE: The natural oils, fats and greases ‘stuffed’ and ‘curried’ in to the leather during the tanning process (as well as its generally thicker, oilier make up compared to that of calfskin) means that Cordovan naturally remains glossy and shiny without adding any polishes or creams. In fact to use anything such as this may actually ruin the surface and cover up its beauty. Buffing with a soft cloth and...
Can you post some pictures?  Do you think Alden has better shine?
Horsemeat in Tesco burgers prompts apology in UK papers   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21054688   This is horrible.  Can someone tell me if Horween is killing horses to get Cordovan leather?  Is it illegal to consume horsemeat in the US?    
    Is it a MTO?  So beautiful!
Alden Store New York at night.    
  A good looking shoe.  I am pretty impress with the clean perforation on the shoes.  Somehow it looks so much sharper and cleaner then Alden's wingtip.  Do you agree? 
May I ask you to post some pictures?  I have one pair of Burton Espresso Danite shoe sitting in my closet.  I wonder if winter is a good time break them in. 
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