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Hi Guy:    Can you tell me boot recraft detail from Viberg.  Do you guys recraft your own boot, it seems there is no info on the website and forum and I heard people has bad experience re-crafting their shoe somewhere because of the stitched down welt.  I really want to know some info before I invest $1100 dollar on a shoe.     Thanks!
Yes a darker wash denim might work better, but I think it looks awesome!!
I couldn't find any info in terms of recrafting viberg boot on their website. Any ideas on where I should send it to? the address maybe? It will be nice to know the cost and detail of how to specifying the resole order.
Thanks for your advice!!
I wonder if viberg resole their own shoe? Do you guys know roughly how much it cost and where can I send it to? I also heard one cannot resole viberg's stitched down welt as many times as Goodyear welt. Any opinions will be appreciated.
Hi Guy:   I wonder if Viberg will recraft their own boots?  It seems there is no info online.  What will be the price to recraft a 1940 service boot in Dainite  and where should I send it to?    Thanks!
I have both shoes (Woodstock and Pembroke). I think 4497s last VS C&J's 325 is very similar.  4497s is a touch wider than 325.  For your info, I wear UK9.5 in 4497s and UK9.5 in C&J 325.  I only size down to 9 UK in 4444 last.  
Saw a stow boot in NYC subway. Nicely broken in!
    I don't get it....  I called C&J NYC and they said sale starts tomorrow on the 27th Dec.  Is there a private sale going on for loyal customer or something???
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