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Chambond Bracken Misty Calf. Getting ready for the winter
NYC pick-up only for a pair of ALDEN NST (Norwegian split toe) in black Shell Cordovan  Size 11C.  Aberdeen Last    Mint condition with Alden shoe bags, steel toe tap and plastic heel tap.    This Norwegian Front Toe Blucher shoe is the premier shell cordovan style shoe. It features a hand-sewn vamp stitching which sets it apart, making it one of the most sought after models the Alden Shoe Company has ever designed. - Aberdeen last (narrower, pointed toe box, less volume)
Tan horsehide is amazing! Love Viberg's construction. Leather is aging and getting darker everyday. Very interesting material.
Crockett and Jones in Stockholm.
Yes it is 1035.
Italian Tan Horsehide at Botanical Garden. July 4th Weekend
Putting Viberg Stealth Bobcat to work. Coolest boot on site and contractors are jealous. Something exciting is coming to New York City in 2 years.
Of course you can resole this particular sneakers, but they will charge you $500 to get the job done.
Local pickup in NYC.   Alden black Norwegian split-toe on the Modified Last, size 8.5E with original Alden box and shoe bags!!   Worn but in excellent condition. Retail price is $585.  Purchased from Moulded Shoe in NYC around 2.5 years old.  Personally upgraded to a black shell NST, so this has been untouched in my closet for over 9 months.  Toe and Heel tab was installed and sole is still in good shape.  Please see pictures.      SPEC: Alden Shoe...
What do you guys think about 145 Oxford from Gentry NYC?  Anyone has experience with this model?   
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