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It was J.Crew with crepe sole. I love the make-up and its so comfortable
Gunboat never fails at the job site!!!
Joining the unglazed & natural hype. Natural horsebutt getting darker everyday
Correct. Danlite sole will darken overtime. It looks very different than before.
Freeman Sporting Club X Viberg 2012 - Navy Latigo Leather Have been wearing this at least once a week for 4 years. Before: After:
Size 8. Guy told me this is the only pair they made. I don't know why.... Maybe it is a difficult color to wear, but he said it will age nicely. He recommended a horsehide derby last year and I'm very happy with it.
Got this from sample sale. Natural veg tanned horsebutt according viberg Instagram. What are the difference betweeen horsebutt/horsehide/shell? I'm confused. Shout out to Guy! Always recommend unique and cool stuff to me. Can't wait until it ages. There is a website discussing how natural veg tanned leather patina over time: http://blog.basandlokes.com/?p=1647
In my opinion some of the members in this thread are not being fair to Brett.  I would certainly became frustrated if I see some other companies trying to "copy" my design, especially Brett has put in a lot of effort developing new makeup.  Viberg boots is innovative in terms of material, color, style and the combination of all the above.  You will be impressed to see the amount of work and samples/experiments to get to this point.     I enjoyed getting his instagram...
Please don't shoot the messenger!! http://www.wallpaper.com/fashion/behind-the-set-john-lobbs-aw-2015-london-show-space-time-lapse-film
Chambond Bracken Misty Calf. Getting ready for the winter
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