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I have to say the women collection is very amazing too. Perfect gift for your other half.
New Crockett and Jones store in NYC.
Waiting for this natural horse butt to patina every single day.
2 years old horse butt derby
Just want to share some pictures of the Triple Leather 590 Wingtip Brogues. approx ~15 years old.      
It was J.Crew with crepe sole. I love the make-up and its so comfortable
Gunboat never fails at the job site!!!
Joining the unglazed & natural hype. Natural horsebutt getting darker everyday
Correct. Danlite sole will darken overtime. It looks very different than before.
Freeman Sporting Club X Viberg 2012 - Navy Latigo Leather Have been wearing this at least once a week for 4 years. Before: After:
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