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I accept your offer  
Does anyone have a picture of the J Crew Indy after an obenauf lp or boot oil treatment? Trying to see how much darker the dark brown would be.   Thanks
I am either a 10.5 or an 11 in the Indy.  I ordered both to see which is the better fit.  On both when I stride my heel rubs up the boot on both.  Can someone tell me how this shoe should feel? The 11 seems to have less of this effect but is slightly loose and when I lace it up there is probably only a 1 inch gap between the lace but not sure that is what to go by   Thanks
Hey guys, Do these boots stretch a little in the toe box area after they are broke in? Does the heel sink in also?   I am either a 10.5 or a 11.  The 10.5 feels tight all around but has no heel slippage, and the 11 feels great in the toe box but has quite a bit of heel slippage.   Thanks
Can someone tell me the pros and cons of v tread taps on a park avenue?
What would some good business casual brands be?  I like the regular normal color throughout type jeans.
does the day after xmas sale work on sale items
Me too  
Is it true that Allen Edmond shoes shouldn't be worn on consecutive days?   i.e. they need to be in a shoe tree for one day before rewearing?
How do the delray compare to park avenue in sizing? Same?
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