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I have 2 new with tags Allen Edmonds cordovan tab belts for sale. one in brown and one in burgundy.  These retail for $195 each.   If you are not a size 36 I could exchange it for whatever size you want, it would just take a couple of weeks to get that done.  Send me a PM.   The reason I am selling is because I prefer a smaller belt.   The price includes shipping to the US.  If outside of the US PM me and we will see what I can do.   Thanks
Now $100   This is the Sam Hober Sky Blue Cashmere Black Warp Tie #27 in 6 fold.   Recently received and it’s is too thick and heavy for my liking.  Tied in once but never wore it out.   Measures 59.25 inches long 3.5 inches wide and was cut for a 4 in hand knot.   I still have the Hober box and will ship it as I received it.   Free shipping to USA   Thanks!
No longer available
Here's another pic.  Thanks  
I bought this sports coat from Frankie22 and it is to small for me, never wore it.   I am only asking what I gave for it $199.  I will allow returns minus my original shipping cost if mailed out 3 days after receipt.  PM me if you want my ebay name for reference.   The following is from Frankie22's description:  It says it was full canvas but I only see a lining on the top quarter-- not sure if it is actually full canvas or not.  Feels like a good quality and it is a...
It was the AE premium shoe polish (I think this is a mix of wax/polish)   Do you have any advice to remove the bleed on from pants?  
I put on about 5 light coats of polish on some new shoes last night and no matter how much I buff with a shirt cloth, polish still comes off onto the shirt.  It will bleed onto my pants at this point, will it dry in a few days or do I need to just keep buffing?   Thanks
Could someone tell me what model this watch is?    
  I'm a beginner but so far so good  
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