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Sorry, but wearing a wool blazer to school everyday is a bad idea unless it's part of your uniform or it has the school crest on the chest.   If you want to wear a blazer, wear a deconstructed one made out of cotton or something similar. Personally, I would strongly advise against a wool one. 
Unfortunately, it looks like a scam:   http://www.scambook.com/report/view/57763/valuesuitcom-Complaint-57763-for-$216.00
All of this depends on what you're looking for. Where I go to school, nantucket reds are common and almost considered the norm. That's not true everywhere. Different people have different standards.    OCBD's and chinos are a safe bet. Tuck it in, wear a cool belt (turned engine buckles are a good choice) and boat shoes, loafers or chukkas.     What you probably should not do--in fact should not do--is wear dress shirts casually. There was a person whom I sat...
Could you post more detailed pictures? Stitching, pockets, etc. 
Try Luxire! Affordable and gets very positive reviews here on SF. 
If you like it, go for it. The MTM shirts will fit better, but Stephan Schneider has a specific aesthetic that would be hard to replicate. Consider whether or not you're interested in standing out on campus; I doubt many other people will wear Stephan Schneider. Each campus has different norms. I know it wouldn't be very common on mine, but there are people with whom you could identify. To be fair though, most of the people at my school wear Brooks, J. Press, Vineyard...
Randolph Engineering may have something like what you're looking for.    http://shop.randolphusa.com/raptor-p5666.aspx
On a thinly related note:   http://www.ivy-style.com/the-brooks-oxford-and-whats-wrong-with-90-of-american-men.html
I agree. The abercrombie-style sweatshirts significantly devalues the brand for me. I realize that selling the sweatshirt should not necessarily diminish the quality of, say, their OCBD's, but nonetheless, I feel less inclined to shop there. Likewise, I suspect abercrombie makes some products that are of decent enough quality, but I cannot imagine myself ever buying something there. I realize that this seems fickle, but I would venture to guess that lots of people here on...
  It's changed significantly from last year, though. They filmed their campaign on my school's campus (BB is pretty popular there) and it was stuff I can imagine people wearing... but this new stuff is pretty far removed from what "young people" (at least where I go to school) are looking for. IMO, they've missed the mark, unless they're hoping to market to a substantially different audience. 
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