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I'm strongly considering giving Lotuff a try. 
I'm on board with the milano/fitgerald fit, etc. but the hoodies and branded polos (one has BROOKS in large, arched letters where the golden fleece would have been) are too much for me. 
I think it's completely fair to say that it may be a move to "modernize" but I can only hope that it doesn't come at the expense of their better products. 
Not outlet. "New Arrivals" on their website.  
  Look under "New Arrivals." There are polos that are equally old-navy-esque.   To be sure, I don't mean to comment on the quality of the clothes. I have no doubt that it's a well made hoodie, but the gauche branding is something that I thought was unusual for BB and more akin to the lower-quality/high-margin brands that rely on giant logos to sell. 
I completely understand about accessing a broader range of clientele, but I never expected BB to try to share market share with Abercrombie and Fitch...   ps. what about the original post seemed insincere? 
I saw this today. This looks like something from Abercrombie and Fitch (and not the good years). BB is very popular where I go to school and I can't believe it's degenerated into this.     
Has anyone looked at Lotuff and Clegg? Now they've become two separate companies (Lotuff Leather and Frank Clegg) but they have some really nice briefcases that are American made. 
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