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    I think you're making a great choice, especially given the decision calculus. For the price, in your shoes I might have gone for Baume et Mercier, but my taste may very well be different from yours.    Anyway, good luck and enjoy your new watch. 
I disagree, go with a JLC if you can afford it. Everyone has a Rolex. Get something a little bit more unique; the movements in JLC's are exceptional. 
Frederique Constant looks like a great bet at your price point; I'm personally a big fan of JLC, but new they might be a little bit out of your price range. Even some very high end brands use ETA movements, but as I understand it, they modify them significantly, as may also be the case with Frederique Constant. I guess my point is that you shouldn't rule out F.C. for using an ETA mov't. IWC might also be a good bet. 
S. Allen is definitely not an in-house movement, (though of the ones you listed, I think only the seiko would be) which is fine, but you may want to do some research and see what kind of movement is in each one of these; you may find that you're paying more for the name than the watch. For example, the seiko 5 uses Seiko's mass-produced 7s26/36 movement, which is their standard, very durable, shock resistant movement. They're inexpensive and durable.  The Tissot is...
Where did you get the suit? 
I also used to use American Crew "Fibre" but I've since switched (at the recommendation of my hairstylist) to Aveda Men "Pure-formance" Grooming clay. I really like it, especially compared to the Crew stuff I used before.
Cambell is right, where the interview is happening is probably your best cue as to how you ought to dress; if you have other interviews, they might not {probably won't) all be in a professional environment. Two of my interviews were at starbucks and, if I remember correctly, I just wore chinos, an ocbd and a sweater. One of the interviews I had was at a consulting firm, though, and I ended up wearing a suit to it.  But again, don't stress so much about what to wear....
I can speak from experience here (I'm a college sophomore—did the interview thing when I was in high school). If you have a suit, you should wear it. Lots of kids interviewing will be wearing blazers and dress pants, though.  To be honest, these interviews don't make that much difference and I wouldn't stress too much. They're looking to make sure you're not crazy, but I don't think they usually make or break an application.  Best of luck! 
Orvis also makes a great one that's more Men's Clothing than SW&D
Also: (Saw the link here on SF; I've never bought anything from them.)
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