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Thanks, @Stilig. That's really helpful. I knew Incotex was a trouser brand--in fact, when my SA said the sports coats were by Incotex, I said, "like the pants?" He seemed pretty convinced, so I'm not sure where he got that information.  I did a little more research going off of what you said and learned that the brand sold in North America is fairly new. From the website of the North American holding company:   So, that solves the mystery I guess. Also explains why my...
Does anyone have any intel on this brand? My SA at Neimans said it was made by incotex, but I haven't seen it much elsewhere. I picked up two sports coats (deeply) on sale at NM; they're soft construction with some nice details. One of them is a really great fresco weave that's been good for the summer. Does anyone know if they make full suits or maybe what brand(s) have the most similar OTR fit? 
Sorry to resurrect an older thread here, but I was wondering if anyone had some experience comparing a few of the more affordable/'high value' makers mentioned here, specifically Ledbury, Kamakura, Kent Wang, and Benjamin from eHaberdasher. Would someone care to weigh in on how these compare? Specifically WRT things like collar height and point-length. 
@round Still have these? 
At my school, pajamas to class were exceedingly rare (I think I only saw it once--during finals). There was a surprisingly consistent uniform: guys wore OCBD's and chinos, girls wore leggings and a blouse or sweater. Not a lot of jeans, as I recall. Nearly everyone had a barbour for when the temperature turned south of 70 degrees (we had a barbour store open my sophomore year very close to campus. Canada goose jackets were a staple when it snowed, though Moncler was...
Also consider Frederique Constant. 
It looks like thick oxford cloth to me, maybe 80's 2-ply. 
I can't speak to the culture at NYU (though the times I visited it was little hipster...) but I know at my school it would be very odd to see someone wear a tie to class. That said, I think kids at my school tend to dress better than the average college student. For reference, the average guy here wears an OCBD, chinos, topsiders and a barbour to class. When it gets cold, guys sometimes wear a sweater and a down parka. That said, that may not be the norm at your school,...
    Really not trying to be mean here, but you wore that in public? 
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