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How do other people here with some of the problems that come with lifting? For example, calluses–I started using Malin + Goetz B5 hand treatment, but it appears the small calluses are there to stay.    And for guys who go to the gym in the morning before work, if you shower at the gym, do you use the same number of products you use at home? I would love to find a good hair and body wash to cut down on the number of bottles I have to bring with me; my gym has J. R....
Just got an email from my Neiman Marcus SA about a special deal where you get a suitcase (looks a like a rimowa, but I doubt it's actually Rimowa brand) if you spend $500. Looks like you have to go through a menswear SA in a M&B to get it, but kind of cool.   
You might consider MTM from somewhere like indochino, though they're not very well regarded on SF, they might be better at accommodating the size you're looking for. Alternatively, you might consider Brooks Brothers Boys size 18, which looks like it's pretty close to being a size 34 jacket. 
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Sorry to revive an old thread but this was a god send. Big thanks to @Despos for posting this. I spilled olive oil all over the pants of a new (had gotten it back from the tailor the day before–first time it had ever been worn) Brioni suit and immediately panicked. Somehow I found this thread and had the stain out by the next morning. 
Could anyone weigh in on some of the differences between some of the better known 'affordable' full canvas suit makers, especially the SF affiliates like Howard Yount, Kent Wang, and eHaberdasher's Benjamin. Does anyone own one or more of these and can compare them against each other, or to SuSu's jort? I think this would be really helpful for the people who come to SF asking "what's the best suit I can get for <$1000" or whatever. 
Nice stuff, esp. the Isaia blazer   etc
Also, 2nd on @Seamless 's view that J. Crew isn't such a great option. The lapels are ridiculously slim and construction is only so-so, though definitely better than what you'd find in most low-end department stores (Macy's, Lord and Taylor, etc). 
Seems like this perennial subject never gets answered, perhaps because "best" is subjective.    If OP is looking for good value suits (high quality to price ratio) @Stilig 's suggestions are a good place to start. I would add to it Kent Wang and eHaberdasher's Benjamin line. SuitSupply also has some good options--depends on your taste with regard to styling. Even if a Jort suit from SuSu lasts several years, it may or may not be something you want to wear five years from...
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