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I'm looking to buy my first pair of Carmina shoes as I simply can't resist any longer! (I blame this thread for that)   I am just a little unsure about sizing however.   I'm generally a standard width UK 12. The snuggest shoe I own is a Meermin double monk on the Hiro last (UK12), however it has yet to break in. I'm interested in a Carmina Chukka, which is on a wider last than I usually buy (the Soller last). Does anyone have any experience with sizing down half a size...
My favourites are Maximus(Max) and Alexander(Alex).   They are great in both their forms, short and sweet or strong and authoritative.
I went and got some Florsheim shoe trees today. Here are the shoes with one of them in:     I still feel a little uncomfortable with the presence of stretching, however it is significantly less than before!   Is any amount of stretching acceptable, or should it just keep the back of the shoe firmly in it's natural shape? I've kept the back end of the shoe tree out for now, but again I am new to this so I may just be being overly cautious.   If this fails...
Thanks guys, it's good to know I wasn't just being paranoid.   Don't worry, I took them out immediately after taking the picture. I'm glad I did now!   Thanks for the Florsheim tip, I'll do that tomorrow.
Greetings all,   Long time reader, first time poster here. I'll try keep in short and sweet! (If your time is precious, the question is just below the picture :D)   I've recently discovered my inner passion for clothes and have done a complete wardrobe overhaul. I have some fantastic Loake/Church shoes on the way, all with their own shoe trees, so they aren't the issue.   However, I recently purchased some more casual brogues for a modest price and decided to...
Hi there, I'm Steven from Australia. I'm a 21 year old University student who has recently discovered his passion for clothes, done an entire wardrobe overhaul and probably spent far, far too many hours studying clothing information since.
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