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As a retired gentleman, the occasions when I need dressier shoes come less often than previously, and while I liked the looks of the CU shoes on their site I was more intrigued by the suede Barcelona driving mocs. Living in Atlanta I popped into the store a few weeks ago and was so impressed by the products and the people that I picked up two pairs. Very nice shoes at a fair price.
Would be in for 6 bottles if this comes to pass.
Daughter is located in the Emory area currently though may be relocating just outside the perimeter closer to Norcross. Car is a 2008 A4.
My daughter's Infiniti G37 was totaled this week and among the possible replacement cars she's considering is a used Audi. She had been using a very good independent outfit (T3) for her maintenance since they handle both Infiniti and Lexus. But was just curious if any of the forumites might know about and recommend a non-dealership provider of car maintenance services for German vehicles in the north (preferably Northeast) metro Atlanta area.
Thomas - While the hills above San Antonio are no treat, the courses around Atlanta (where I live) have their fair share of hills, heat, and humidity. Pulling me back to San Antonio (where I have friends and family) at least twice a year for races is the fact that (unlike Atlanta) the SA running club gets points in the plus column for (a) cheap entry fees, (b) good shirts, (c) beer and breakfast tacos as an incentive to finish.
15.5 (25k) at the San Antonio Endurathon on Saturday. Not an outstanding performance. Totally aside from the fact that my glory days as a distance runner were 30 years ago, the air seemed to be full of pollen, there was a fairly stiff breeze and the course organizers had reversed the course this year so that there was a 7.5 mile stretch of fairly flat terrain followed by 8 miles of the innocuous-sounding 'rolling hills' at the end. The Hill Country should be renamed the...
No affiliation and am not a shill but Kirby Allison (The Hanger Project) has a miniphoto essay on cleaning and refreshing suede shoes on his blog and is currently offering a sueded care kit (as well as all of the Safir products/suede brush etc. individually at his site.) Might be worth checking out.
Am I the only one who finds that trying to link to the goodies actually links to nothing?
Box was just shipped off to Derek S this morning
Well, technically it's not so much here as 'on its way here'.
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