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Its a pity that my bad photography has lead to this confusion..I will make sure i take one more photograph in natural light and post it again...since the photo I posted does not do justice to the quality of fabric.   Whenever I wore this shirt , I have always received compliments and that's one of my favorite evening wear :)
I took  a tape and measured the shirt. The measurements are spot on. So I guess it is me who needs to literally tighten up things here :) BTW, I received an email from Luxire explaining the process to get it altered with detailed feedback on the fit. What we read on the forum about customer service indeed seems true.
As mentioned earlier I am very much happy with the fabric , just wanted some alteration of yoke by 0.5, which Luxire is happy to alter it.   Looking at the service and the quality of fabric I have ordered two more shirts from will make sure i post some photos of my next shirt soon :) more then happy to have your feedback on it.
        Hi, I finally got my very first custom tailored shirt from luxire. I really love the material. The shirt fitting looks good to me, shoulders and mid section looks a bit loose i guess, can someone please advice on what measurements adjustments I should send to Luxire in order to get a better fitting of my next shirt. Thanks :)                                  
 I am looking to purchase a good suit (jacket/blazer only), Shirt was taken care buy "Luxire" I wish they should start making bespoke Blazer as well. I was browsing around Parra the other day and found a store that had blazers for $89, fairly cheap but the guy said I had to get it tailored since the blazer was way to big for my body size but the tailoring cost more than the blazer it self... So I was wondering, do you guys know any stores that sell blazers for...
Any suggestion for good tailor made trouser online.......
  I am in love with this shirt, this is the first time I have ordered tailor made shirt in my life :) . It is worth every penny. I would give Luxire and my shirt 5 stars, for their time (they were quick with making and shipping it), great quality of work ,fabric , and the manner of the shipping package.
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