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I understand how that can be annoying, but wouldn't it be easier to just ignore the whole post???  I have been browsing the site for years and have gotten some great tips from people.  I find it ridiculous to flame someone for asking a simple question.
I'll be sure to send you pictures of the wedding... I don't think my friends and family will be uncomfortable and look bad at my wedding.  Get a sniff buddy.  I simply asked about rental shops for tuxedos.  I didn't ask for your opinion on renting tuxes or your outlook on life.  Beat it
Thanks for the advise Roger.  To the other guys, this is a wedding... not the time for myself or anyone else to express themselves.  It's all about the bride.  I did however purchase myself a killer tux that I'm excited to wear :)
Can I get your cell phone number so I can have my fiance call you?  I'm sure you can tell her how to plan the entire wedding    Does anyone else have any suggestions?  Thanks
That won't work for our wedding.  We need the tuxes to be all the same color (on the groomsman).  There are several different types of blacks.  Most weddings, the groomsman all wear the same style tuxes.
Hello,   I am getting married in June and need to figure out tuxedos for my groomsmen.  The wedding is in San Francisco and the groomsmen are from Chicago and San Francisco.  Does anyone know of any nationwide tuxedo rental shops that I can get the tuxes from.  I've been searching for a bit and haven't been able to find any decent ones.     Thanks a lot for all your help
Hi guys. Long time reader first time poster. You guys give great tips! I travel a lot for my work and am in the market for a new travel bag. I want something classic and well made, so I'm looking at a Louis Vuitton Damier GraphiteKkeepall 55. Anyone have experiences with this bag? Any thoughts (or alternatives) will be greatly appreciated! Thanks Danny Here's a link to the bag
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