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Wow!   I'm a new member and I don't know how to use the I a spammer then?   Was it a crime to join a forum make some friends and learn what on earth the people are doing here?   You can enlighten me..What I am supposed to do on a style forum?
Really? My favorite motorcycle athlete is Carey Hart..he does freestyle motocross!  
Thank you for the reminder on safety Trixie, and for the link John Doe.
Thanks!good to hear from another newbie here..
Thanks! I'm getting into it!..But first, I'll find the right gears first...   Some cool jackets, gloves and boots!
I started a new hobby..motorcycling.   My friends have bikes and I think I should get one also. It looks cool to be able to ride.
Great!   I'm happy when I'm reading my favorite while lying on down on the couch. Plus a pop or rock music in the background..
Hello! I am Mench, a new member here and a new rider. It was just recently that I learned how to ride a bike. I just want to say hi to every one! I am glad to be here. I am hoping to have a great time with you..  
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