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Jox, I have to agree. We as customers should demand more. I see papery wrinkles on shoes that sell for enough, that they should not be there. It is totally unacceptable and unfortunately it is not limited to AE.
You and I look the same in an entirely natural shoulder suit, I think. I have found that I must have just a tiny bit of pad; otherwise, I get that big slope, as is showing in your picture. Additionally, the shoulders are too big. Here is the thing on shoulders. You can have them fixed, but it must be done by a tailor with significant actual talent. Some guys just draw the line at shoulders, and I can't blame them. I have done it twice. Once it worked, once it did not. One...
BPGF -could be Bally, could be Ferragamo.
So technically, (and I am not slamming Mermin here, they have a fantastic product for the $) it should be considered corrected grain?
is there a popular general leather thread?
get them on really snug shoe trees then start working the leather with a cleaner/conditioner from Allen Edmunds. You can put them in a very warm part of the house for 30 minutes before you begin working with them, you will get results much faster, but you have to give them a good conditioning every day or so for a week, then polish and see what you have. Putting sole edge dye on will freshen them as well. Lastly, get proper laces. I would go to brooks brothers or some of...
You might also want to try looking over at Simon Crompton's site, Permanent Style. He actually has done several shopping guides for European cities. Not sure if he has done one featuring Rome, but it would be good if he has. As far as the moto jacket, I would hope you would find a few suppliers that have not made any list at all yet. ;)
Agree, we are easier on interns than most firms on the street, but I would not be too fired up if an intern showed up in a knit tie.
Thanks to StanfordVic238 I got my first pair of CP's today. They are the Retro in 47 white. Just a couple quick questions for the group. What no show sock works best w/ CP? I have a few pairs of Stance, which have been my fav to date, but they peek out on the sides. Lastly, they seem a bit hot? I typically wear an RL Marlow, which is also a potentially hot shoe given how it is constructed. I am surprised I feel this way, any thoughts?   Thanks all.
New Posts  All Forums: