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scale on the smaller one is off for your body size, imo. As for the maker, I am not familiar, which is only mildly interesting because of my leather goods obsession.
May I ask what it ended up costing? What was the process, phone, email? Please walk us through it.   Thank you,   A-
+1, ^^^, although I do enjoy a good OCD project once in a while. Well, upon further reflection, I always have at least one going.
Very good point, and I believe you may be correct. I probably took a little license there, and put a little of my bias into the post. If we are discussing it, for the purpose of sorting the entire RL Collection for both quality, and  style, then I have always leaned towards the UK and Italian lines.
I do not know the maker on these. The high end UK made shoes are C&J or Edward Greene, I just don't know the Italy producers.
Some would call them Purple label. They are simply Ralph Lauren, but they are indeed the good shit, and are certainly not Polo. I have a pair, they are fantastic.
Ha!   It sounds like you and I are thinking the same way about the higher wasted pants.   Thanks.
It would be great if you could post a side shot of the tapered pants? I have been thinking about doing the same. Thx!
thank you both.
Gents-   Thanks for all of the great information and amazing photos. My question is this, if an American enthusiast wants to venture into this space, are there a few retailers in the states, that have a decent variety of RTW in any of these names?
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