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Very good point, and I believe you may be correct. I probably took a little license there, and put a little of my bias into the post. If we are discussing it, for the purpose of sorting the entire RL Collection for both quality, and  style, then I have always leaned towards the UK and Italian lines.
I do not know the maker on these. The high end UK made shoes are C&J or Edward Greene, I just don't know the Italy producers.
Some would call them Purple label. They are simply Ralph Lauren, but they are indeed the good shit, and are certainly not Polo. I have a pair, they are fantastic.
Ha!   It sounds like you and I are thinking the same way about the higher wasted pants.   Thanks.
It would be great if you could post a side shot of the tapered pants? I have been thinking about doing the same. Thx!
thank you both.
Gents-   Thanks for all of the great information and amazing photos. My question is this, if an American enthusiast wants to venture into this space, are there a few retailers in the states, that have a decent variety of RTW in any of these names?
Their suits are trash now. My son was wanting to look around the Microsoft store last night. The Boss store is across the way so, without any other options, I decided I would drop my prejudices and go over there and give it a good look, a second chance, I used to be a huge fan. I figured that maybe they had corrected their fuzed lapel, plastic looking fabric ways, no chance. Look past t he label, you will see what I mean.  I feel the same about Armani, but at least they...
I was told by my man at RL, that they are made by AE.
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