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makes all the difference.
I want to just throw something out, I found this part of Style Forum by chance. I googled "traditional skinhead fashion" and found you guys here! I used to post on this forum quite frequently a couple years ago (under a different name) but had kind of forgotten about it. I was quite surprised to find this here. My point is,  I want to let everyone in this thread know that this is honestly THE best skinhead forum/topic,or whatever you want to call it, that I have ever...
I had a feeling haha...
I have a question about some Warrior Sta Prest that I just recently bought. These are my first pair of this type of trousers.  I have noticed after wearing them a few times that the places on the pants where they pull the tightest (such as the knees when sitting and the thighs), have actually started to lose their crease. I know that the name implies that they, well...stay pressed, but is this something that DOES happen? If so, is there a way to stop this from happening?...
that's what i figured. i definitely couldn't do it myself. i was, possibly still am, going to have my girl do it but i am very particular about my hair and there definitely would be some issues if she messed it up haha. life, am i right?
i know that this isn't a barbers how-to forum or anything, but does anyone know how to shave in a part like the kid in the picture below has?   i feel silly even asking this, as i am sure that you just simply take the clippers with no guard and shave the line in, but i am not too keen on messing it up and having to shave my head all the way down.
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