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Hi, have pm-ed multiple times waiting for a reply, thanks!  
Anyone interested in sharing shipping costs?   Looking for good quality calfskin leather belts/well-priced bags. Preferably from UK due to pound exchange rate and VAT exemption.
PM-ed, waiting for reply.
Hi guys,   Have read through all the threads about super numbers for wool, but I hope to get a deeper insight into the VBC super 140s in terms of construction, durability and sheen.   Thanks!  
Anyone heard anything about Personality Men's (Eric), and how do they compare to Iris (highly recommended here)?
All the other threads are pretty much dead, and of not much use, so I figured I'd start a new one for all those with experience in the Bespoke/Tailoring Industry in Singapore to share their views.
Thanks, much appreciated guys, especially since its my first post on sf. Will use insoles/see my cobbler as a short term solution, hopefully I can find a long term solution that does not spoil the shoe - will post back here then!   If there is anyone who has similar experience please PM me or respond to this post.      
Bruno Magli - suede loafers
Thanks alot SlimJohny, I have considered those options but I would prefer if I could actually shrink the shoe without causing any damage to it. Putting insoles/heel grips would only serve to expand the shoes in the long run?      
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