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What is a nice low top version of cdb's in beeswax.   I'm looking for my first pair of casual, versatile (in terms of outfits) leather shoes as a college student. I've also been looking at classic dark brown boat shoes or bluchers, but I don't think they would be a substitute to this. 
I'm about to get a dark blue-grey suit (more gray imo, looks like this color pretty much) as my first suit when I always envisioned myself getting a navy one (I'm getting a navy blazer as well, so I found it redundant to have a suit in the same color). Problem is, I feel like the darker grey is just so flat, dull, uncreative. What can I do to really make it exciting and stand out?   For context, I'm in college and the suit will be used for social events and business...
Hello all,   I've taken to scouring ebay and B&S here for my first classic navy blazer because it's been very difficult finding something in my size and of quality in my budget($200-$300). However, I am not quite experienced or knowledgeable enough to be able to tell what a really good deal is.   I found this Corneliani which I've researched and understand to be one of the top high-end makers, but I still feel skeptical of the low price (even given the ebay...
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