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Thanks, I was looking at the v-neck, not the shawl collar. Given that that it's a couple of inches wider than most other mediums, is the fit on the boxier (grand-pa-pa-ish) side?
Looking at the Scott & Charters lambswool cardigans and have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can answer:   1. How soft is the lambswool? I've been burned before by scratchy lambswool. Doesn't have to be merino or cashmere soft, but I'm looking for something on the softer size.   2. The size measurements would suggest that I size down. A small has a 42 inch chest, which is typically what most mediums measure elsewhere. Is this an accurate assessment?   Thanks!
Is there a coupon code floating around for Drake's? With the weakened pound and free shipping for multi-tie orders, buying direct from Drake's can be a little less expensive than buying from The Armoury. A coupon would push me over the edge.
Good selection on drakes.com. Americans can take advantage of the weakened pound.
 That's correct. When Lange was relaunched in the mid 90's they heavily emphasized their focus on customer care. As part of this when watches were sent in for service by their owners Lange would temporarily provide a replacement so that the owners wouldn't be too troubled for the time when their watch was in for service. Very similar to what Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and nearly every other luxury car manufacturer does. The temporary replacements were to be returned to Lange...
Quote: Sometimes the theoretical duty doesn't match up to the actual customs bill. I, an American, ordered a made in Canada Arc'teryx Veilance jacket from a retailer in the UK. Customs bill was 8%, significantly higher than the NAFTA rate that should have been applied. The 8% was $40. I gave UPS a quick call and they wanted a ream of paperwork that likely would have taken many hours to collect, so I dropped the issue.
Having some difficulty understanding my options. Suits are not sold as separates, correct? That is, if I'm a 40 chest, 31 waist, I'll have to have the top minimally altered and the pants taken in several inches? Based on a past experience elsewhere I'm reluctant to purchase pants that have to be altered too much.
Drake's of London ties are around $150 at Barney's, $140 - $160 at The Armoury, and usually around that range elsewhere (though sometimes as low as $130, as high as $170). At Mr. P they're generally $200, or around 33% higher.
        Here are some pictures. I apologize for the poor quality, but my wife is out of town and I so I had to take them myself.   As noted mine is from an earlier season. If there have been substantial changes since then, my advice may not be the best.   I purchased the coat for the first of two winters that I lived in Seattle. It's perfect for the climate there since in the winter it's usually rainy/drizzling/misty and the temperature doesn't fall below...
I'm going to disagree with prior posters. I'm very near your exact size: 5'8, between 160-165 pounds, 39 chest, 30 waist, and I went with a medium. The small fits, but movement is somewhat limited and you can forget heavy layering. The small looked better when I was standing straight in front of a mirror with my arms at my side, but it was just too tight when moving. I do not at all regret getting the medium.   Given its price I was hesitant to purchase it, but I've been...
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