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 Can't help you with the nose pads, but I can offer an alternative that may work depending on the frame. My wife recently received some Nerd Wax and found it works well for her. Her frames are acetate, which seems like an ideal match for it. Not sure how well it would work with pads on metal frames. http://www.nerdwax.com/
Prices on several of the sport coats are now $330, down from their original starting point of $1100. Typically I wear a 40S, but as only regular sizes are available, not sure of the fit. Can anyone comment on just how much shorter these are than a typically BB 40R? Will I be happy with the length?
 It's not just the thickness that you have to consider, but also the overall weight and how the weight is distributed. G-Shocks are typically made of plastic and are relatively light-weight, especially given their size (i.e., a 46mm G-Shock weights less than a 34mm Rolex Air King). Moreover, the G-Shocks carry a lot of their weight closer to the rear of the watch, closer to your wrist. Think of your wrist as being something like a centrifuge. The further the weight is from...
The main complaint I (and most others) have with the Z-33 is its height. It's far too tall to fit under a shirt cuff and even worn casually it's comically thick.   http://www.luxuriousmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/speedmaster-spacemaster-top.jpg  
Wondering if anyone has any experience with the Adventure Jacket. Tough to find reviews or at retailers. Primary use will be as a winter coat in an urban environment where lows don't frequently drop below freezing. Alternative suggestions are also welcomed.   http://www.barbour.com/us/mens-clothing/jackets-coats/lifestyle-mens/adventure-jacket-0  
duplicate post.
  These frames are pretty amazing. Is any one able to identify them? Closest I could find is the Oliver People's Albert J, and they pale in comparison. The temples in the OPs are especially off.
Here's a this or that question.   At $350 the Jack Spade Waxed 18oz. Canvas Shell Case tote is a little on the expensive side; but at its current sale price of $228, less an additional 25%, it's a more compelling product.   http://www.jackspade.com/messenger-bags/messenger-bags-for-men/waxed-18oz-canvas-shell-case/NYRU1066-1,default,pd.html?dwvar_NYRU1066-1_color=308&start=34&cgid=sale   At its full price of $140, the Filson Zippered Tote is still less...
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