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Haha, I realise that I'm not following the rules!   Everything looks so much nicer in that photo than it does IRL...
    Pink shirt thursdays!
Someone still needs to build the stuff your nice shiny interfaces bolt onto. Writing off infrastructure or "giant systems" is a bit silly as I routinely encounter baffling systems that are far older than I am. Knowing that organisations are big old belchy machines = the key to then making then understand how your nice shiny automated machine will interface with it (or replace it!)
Management consultant (yawn)
Also, slide jockeying seems to be a strategy house kind of thing to do. It depends what kind of firm you join and that defines what type of work you'll do.
To be honest, it's fundamentally impossible to avoid technology and finance on any consulting gig unless you work in a spectacularly narrow field or expertise
If it interests you, go for it. There's no better time to bust ones ass than when you're young. I suppose once again the caveats to my answers that being from Australia and Europe - my quals etc may not be directly comparable but my background is commerce (marketing/management) and business information systems.I agree with the others in that you shouldn't over glamourise it because there's nothing I hate more than a cocky young consultant pretending he knows business...
This is a great post - but your industry may be different to ours here in Australia, because kids fresh out of college / business school do not make up the bulk of our workforce.   In fact, SME's are the value we bring to a lot of our clients - perhaps this is because we're not one of the "big 3" strategy houses and we play further down the stack than they do (ehhh strategy houses haha)
The point of this device is as mentioned above - to sell Google's cloud services - hence the lack Of local storage. I mean at the end of the day, the fact that this thing is so popular is kind of a side effect.Also, I never don't have Internet... Local storage is the past - even at home all you need to do is stream off a big storage cache somewhere, which this thing excels at.
Man Head-fi sackrides low-end 'giant killer' IEM's like no tomorrow nowadays.   I'm still sticking by the Sennheiser CX-whatever range - they're like to earbuds what the iPhone is to smartphones... "what phone should I get?" - "iPhone"   I've never been impressed with any of V-Moda's stuff either.
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