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New RL from B&S - thanks, Eddie (first shells!) Pantharella Isaia
Lowered from $140 >> $125. -- SOLD for $119   Fabulous Luciano Barbera sport coat. Luxurious Carlo Barbera fabric. Wonderful craftsmanship. Gorgeous colors. 100% wool. Side vents. Made in Italy. Bought it pre-owned a couple of weeks ago, but it is too trim through the waist for me. Here are the measurements: across shoulders seam to seam - 20.25"; pit to pit across back-23"; BOC to hem-33"; shoulder seam to sleeve hem-25"; waist above pockets-22".   Note small...
Looks great - love the texture and versatility! On your first wear, would you snap a few piucs of the buttons?  I bet you're wearing it today.
U r killing me with that ... While here I sit with a lesser version in every way. Do you drink that straight up?
Thanks, Chris and Jeff. Seems you agree on pressing. I can only suppose that the temp of the iron should be less than you would use on a cotton shirt. I admit that I am sort of afraid to try it.   How do you feel about those trouser pressers (as made by Corby for instance)?   A tutorial would be welcomed as your time allows.  Many thanks.   PS-I love my Breguet. I have to say that it sometimes feel a little diminutive compared to some of my others (newest is...
The experts speak!  What would you do about wrinkles? We know not to send them to the cleaners, and now we know the hot shower is out. Perhaps we just become more accepting of wrinkles...
^ Homerun on that combo.
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