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Thanks!  I'll check those out.
I'm looking to consolidate my smattering of cheap Uniqlo, etc jeans into a few pairs of higher quality denim.  I only wear black jeans (or a really dark gray/washed black), and am looking for some that will last a very long time, but preferably under $200 per pair.  I have tiny toothpick legs, and like a slim fit, but not rockstar, calf-hugging skinny. Something more like a slightly slimmer than slim fit, but not quite skinny, and that look good rolled up with boots.  I...
    I was pretty hard on IC here, but it was mostly because of their initial inability to communicate armhole instructions to their factory.  I will say that after the remake, it was pretty dead-on otherwise.  The first pass was a disaster, which raises questions about the whole bizarre process, but if you just assume that a remake is mandatory, and factor in that international return shipping cost, you can get a perfectly fitting suit in 6 weeks or so.  So long as you...
  I wouldn't say armholes are a minute detail - I think they define the look of the suit.  IC needs to say when their tailors cannot do something - I would have gone elsewhere.  Their customer service probably doesn't know what the tailors can or cannot do.  That is a problem on their end, not mine.    Now I've wasted six weeks and will have to pay return shipping.  I mentioned it before, but Jason at TaT told me upfront the armhole on his suits are 9.25".  THAT is how...
I do think it is expensive for Chinese-made, pseudo-custom suit that fits the same as $200 department store suit.  The whole point of MTM is to get something that fits your body, and Indochino cannot do that for people with truly skinny arms.  That's fine, since you obviously cannot please everyone, but I could have avoided all of this if they were up front about their armhole options from the beginning.  
Got the remake today.  Armholes are still big - about 8 inches.  That's as good as they can do, unfortunately.  They did ok with the other measurements, though.  Not sure if I'm going to return it or not.  For $400, I shouldn't have to live with oversized armholes.
  I feel like IC is really two companies:  a marketing and customer service team that is very slick and reassuring, and a Chinese manufacturing company that does whatever they want, regardless of customer instructions.  The former does damage control for the latter.  That's why if you read through the thread, you will be reading about remakes.  They don't even try on the first attempt.  
  You have to request it, and in my case, they ignored it the first time around.  On the remake you can adjust the armhole +/- 1.5"     They just shipped my remake and the updated measurements reflect my changes EXCEPT for the bicep, which was and apparently still is, too big.  They simply ignored my measurement change.   I'll let you know what happens when it gets here.  
    You're comparing the body measurements you input to the garment measurements they translate those into.  They should be a little bigger, but you are correct - they over-inflate them.  I had to have a full inch taken off the chest in my remake.  It would probably be better to just let the customers input garment measurements from the beginning.
    Email the concierge.  I asked for high armholes the first time around, and they ignored it.  The armhole I got is the standard 9.5"-ish, and they eventually told me they can take off 1.5" in the remake.  I also asked to remove most of the shoulder padding, and the shoulders look weird and boxy, especially when lifting the arms.  If you want a skinny fit in the arms and shoulders, you really have to beg, apparently!  
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