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I decided to pay a visit to The Galleria in Houston and found so much great stuff there - especially at Neiman Marcus Neiman Marcus Rainbow Striped Socks Isaia Napoli 7-Fold tie W. Kleinberg Ostrich Belt Burberry Swim Trunks Bottega Veneta Suede loafers Brooks Brother Pyjamas Sperry Topsider Espadrilles
Picked up these Botega Veneta suede loafers at the Galleria in Houston
How do Brooks Brothers pajamas stack up against the likes of Derek Rose and the ilk? How about their outlet pajamas?
I have a Lanvin ostrich leather credit card holder in a cognac color I've had for a few years now. It's darkened significantly and has never had any conditioner/polish applied to it. 1) What conditioner should I be using for ostrich leather? I looked at Saphir Reptan - but that's for reptiles and doesn't say anything about ostrich. 2) Can I apply my normal Allen Edmonds Cognac Shoe polish to it? Will that lighten the dark quilled spots as well??? I'm confused how I...
Button, tags, hardware all looks good - most likely real - although they don't often work with that grubbier looking cotton - that's the only thing I find odd. Is this used?
What's the meaning of life? Who killed JFK? 100% authentic. You purchased patent leather shoes - they are plasticy - that's what patent leather is. I had a pair with the exact same embossing from a store - so don't lose sleep over that.Hard to tell - if they are fake they are good fakes. Wouldn't be surprised if there was one version out there that said "PRADA" on the back although I do find it weird. I have 3 pairs of America's Cups. I'm like 60% sure they are...
Anyone know how much it costs to get a store started.
That may be the worst fake I've seen since this thread started
In general Magnanni isn't commonly sold - the Seleccion line a little less so from what I've seen.I picked these up at a local menswear store in Edmonton called The Helm
I purchased it from a local menswear store in Edmonton called The Helm.
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