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I have a Lanvin ostrich leather credit card holder in a cognac color I've had for a few years now. It's darkened significantly and has never had any conditioner/polish applied to it. 1) What conditioner should I be using for ostrich leather? I looked at Saphir Reptan - but that's for reptiles and doesn't say anything about ostrich. 2) Can I apply my normal Allen Edmonds Cognac Shoe polish to it? Will that lighten the dark quilled spots as well??? I'm confused how I...
Button, tags, hardware all looks good - most likely real - although they don't often work with that grubbier looking cotton - that's the only thing I find odd. Is this used?
What's the meaning of life? Who killed JFK? 100% authentic. You purchased patent leather shoes - they are plasticy - that's what patent leather is. I had a pair with the exact same embossing from a store - so don't lose sleep over that.Hard to tell - if they are fake they are good fakes. Wouldn't be surprised if there was one version out there that said "PRADA" on the back although I do find it weird. I have 3 pairs of America's Cups. I'm like 60% sure they are...
Anyone know how much it costs to get a store started.
That may be the worst fake I've seen since this thread started
In general Magnanni isn't commonly sold - the Seleccion line a little less so from what I've seen.I picked these up at a local menswear store in Edmonton called The Helm
I purchased it from a local menswear store in Edmonton called The Helm.
Bingo on the Magnanni Seleccion! I was surprised myself - I've never been much impressed with regular Magnanni - but these were a steal at $300
Nope - that's what I thought when I saw them in store - but it's actually Magnanni Seleccion - retails for $500 but snagged them for 40% off
Just some summer sale shoe damage... I'll let you guess the provenance.
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