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 high quality "beat up" leather has a nice unique endearing characteristic but it goes just so far, especially in the business world, so the balance is on you.  i think the rotation method of high end footwear is the best advice and not the one shoe fits all purpose.  if you want a dress shoe and you want to impress it must be leather, no alternative in serious business (my opinion of course) - the better the leather the more you impressif you want a walking shoe that...
I think the method of rotating good footwear like @patrickBOOTH is probably what most city folk do.  Curious to know what your crappy beater shoes are and look like.
@plainnerd if you are going to be a real city walker bad weather is part of the equation like the dirty slushy snow puddles all over "the city" ( @gyasih ) right now.    I'll still maintain, given all the elements the OP stated a shoe made of "high quality leather" is not practical in THAT real world.     It would be interesting to see the leather shoes of real city walkers   1 - photo 2 - leather used 3 - who made it 4 - length of use (at least 1 year, summer and...
I think the advise given, in the form of a question "why would anyone go from Brooklyn to Manhattan every day by foot in dress shoes?" is a very good and sound question for the OP's project because in order to build what he is proposing that question first needs to be answered or he's just going to have a pair of shoes that no one will ever buy.  assuming he's building shoes to sell.    "high quality leather" - for long walks in NYC dirty streets, really really hot in...
I'd hop on 1 foot in a dress shoe, in the rain, while sick, than take a NYC subway train.    There is a huge commute from Williamsburg just over the bridge so I could see the walk, but at least take one of those city bikes or, do what women do everyday that walk, bag the shoes or leave them in the office. I agree, that much walking will kill that leather in no time.
ha ha, when you are from Brooklyn, NYC is always considered Manhattan.  I don't think we considered ourselves not in NYC, but Manhattan was always the "the city" and "different" compared to the other 4 boroughs.  Get into Long Island and the 5 boroughs are all considered the city together and I guess for the rest of the world.  Some of Queens likes to consider themselves part of the suburbs of LI. Bronx and Brooklyn are their own worlds, similar to each other but not like...
there is a legal market of elephant hides in the US that are by-products (when they die naturally or whatever) so they don't necessarily have to come from before the ban, but, there are still poachers out there for this animal and its ivory and I'm afraid this doesn't help.  Plus, it is almost imposable to track the source of animal skin.
Come on elephant? I get pitched these exotic hides all the time and always cringe on elephant, it just don't seem right.   who made it?
is it - here come the virgins good coverage so far.  some of the the pictures are a bit dark though, i guess the lighting is dim
That is an interesting Reuters article you found.  not that Chinese factory workers build for Gucci or that they get $38 per bag that's old news   What I find interesting is that they are only suppose to work 4 hours? since when, is this now a law or part of trade agreements? it can't be a union thing in China right? Anyone have any insights?
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