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At over $800 an ounce currently for Palladium i don't think anyone has a solid Palladium lock, not only that this is a hard metal so making a lock of this sophistication and such small intricate moving parts almost like a watch, would be very difficult.  But you are right, i should make note that it is Solid Brass plated with Palladium.    As stated, Palladium is a strong metal, like gold and silver but probably lasts longer because it goes on thick.  it is excellent to...
 thanks, here are some brand new images of the 2209 with the new engraved hasps.  Im running down on the Havana / Chocolate as you see in the pics and will be awhile until i get another batch of this color.  Plenty of London Tan, chestnut, brown and black and for something really different in the English harness tan.     These strap briefcases might seem impractical at first with opening and closing the real buckles each time you want to get in and out, but they really are...
  I haven't had many requests for a 3 section but that would not be a problem.
totally agree, but im not sure i get the dye residues from leather causing harm if that were the case we would hear more about it from the public at large and especially since tanned leather has existed for some time.
 of course you have to protect yourself from inhalants. are you talking about skin contact of materials? 
Pat, excellent documentary and very true with the production of leather especially with the chromium in some of these unregulated countries.  If you toss in the exotic animal trade and their treatment you would have a really really sad documentary.   I am not sure of the other western countries but i could tell you American tanneries, the few left are well regulated and pollution on this scale does not exist.  Water is recycled.
this should be good. - if not the entire human race equally than which ones would you save and not save? and the same goes for animals? are certain animal lives more valuable than certain human?
 so what do you tell the other 50 humans (family, neighbors and friends included) you actually choose to let suffer because you valued the suffering over a cockroach or flee and saved them? very big assumption that the average human has the ability of "rational thought" and can save themselves.  Why do you think so many "choose" not to save themselves from pain and cruelty? Biologically, humans and some animals have the "ability" of rational thought but are they not...
i agree as a general rule in life - "do not inflict unnecessary pain and cruelty" to any living thing   here is a thought experiment.   lets imagine all of your possible physical energy you could ever get out of in your life span that it would take to actually and physically save 100 human beings or animals or trees from "unnecessary pain and cruelty" would be represented by the number 100   what would be your ratio to this 100 = energy / 100 humans saved or...
 an almost infinite amount of money that is not imaginable.  I might consider a human soul if we could come up with the right terms.  the images link to the listing with prices, just not the first one Nathan Hale as that is not even out yet, its just a preview and still trying to set the price.
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