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the briefcase is on its way, thanks
The briefcase is finished.  Here are some photos we took in the shop.   The racing green suede and London tan are an incredible combination.  They compliment each other well.   here is the listing on my site   The Alfred Wallace 2216 - Racing Green Suede w/ a Trolly Strap                           I like the way this key holder looks with the tan thread on...
Here are all the main parts finished, locks installed, handle, pockets, etc.   next time i update the bag will be together.  
i just wanted to update you that ill have some pics if not tonight by tomorrow.  I just worked on all the small detail things installing the lock and getting everything aligned.
Trimmed and burnished the edges and finished them off with the first stage of multiple layers of a specialized coat, a very precious and delicate job          
me too, im really liking the green and tan mix. ill get up some more photos later this afternoon
Here is an update. We finished all the precisely measured cuts for the briefcase to come together. The suede has been applied and will be left over night to cure before we start hand punch all the holes and work on the edges.  Still very much to do but here are some pics under studio lights                
we are going to be prepping the dark green suede hide or some might call it British racing Green - whatever label it is a beautiful Premium suede hide.  Soft with an almost velvet like touch as you rub up and down the skin.   Its a bright day out today so i hung the hide right in front of the store window to capture that light.             Ive added some red and Sand suede as contrast.         Hermann Oaks "English" style of bridle leather is...
I should be getting to this bag some time late on Friday and will post some photos through the weekend.   i look forward to this briefcase.  We have been working with getting the shade of green suede lining just right to go with the London Tan.  I love the 2 colors and the way they compliment each other, sort of like the dark subtle nature of my Brown and the red.    In normal light the red is dark and blends well with the brown.         With direct light...
here are the rest of the photos of the finished briefcase.           I made a custom black bridle snap on strap to hold the leather loops when not in use.  I also made the backside yellow to give it a slight pop with the brass.                                               enjoy this briefcase, it was one of my favorites to make.  One of the most asked about in the store.
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