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can you also pm his info? I want some more TF in my wardrobe.
Hello,   I would like to know if this Thomas Pink shirt is fake or not. Can't find much references.   Thanks.
when and where is the sales?
  I reckon that this tie is 4 1/2 inches at the widest. Not sure how can I suit them right.     I've never been to the store before. More over, if the tag at least says "Century 21", I would know. Thanks for you info.
  How is the shoulders? length? anything wrong with this jacket?    Thanks.
Hello again,   I am wondering if there is such thing as fake Tom Ford tie?   I recently won this,   However, I am afraid that it may be replica. Other than that, I think the tie is beautiful.
any suggestion?
It's not $665. If you click on the link, it is about $280.   Hello all, I am very interested in this Tom Ford shirt. I really like the material and texture, but the color seems to be a little hard to pull it together.   My suit: charcoal with white chalk pinstripe (heavy wool), charcoal with thin pinstripe, solid black, silver (more like fashion suit).   My tie:...
I did not win the suit, but the seller offered a 2nd chance offer for me.   One last question, I am normally wear Dior Homme suit, as it fits me well. My chest is 36 inches, while my waist is 28 inches, so I have 8 inches drop. With this amount of drop, do you men think that the suit will be okay?   FYI, my build is almost the same as Hedi Slimane's, tall.. skinny..
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