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I am new and still learning as well. As far as I can see, other than the sleeves length, you need to hem those pants. Also, first rule is that you NEVER button the bottom button for a two-button jacket.   As for the cost, I believe it should be around $30 to shorten at both sleeves.   I used to think that Black suit+Black shirt = SUPER COOL, but now I think that the only suit that work with black shirt is silver or grey, period.   I think AE Strand is a great shoes. If...
 I would recommend this website as I received their product today. The razor is pretty good, on par with gillette, or better.   And it's only $9 a month for 3 razors/month. You can cancel it anytime, or change it to every other month.
  Got it as a present from my girlfriend. I told her I want a Tom Ford tie, so she got it for me, I believe at NM.
            So I changed the shirt color to white, as advised, and I think it contrasts better. What do you gens think?
          So, I made some searches, and found out that the color of a tie should be darker than a shirt. So, may be this is a better combination? Very thin stripe jacket+pale blue shirt+tie.    P.S. I have a problem tying a tie... the knot always seem to be too big, and crooked.
    Please critic the fit. The jacket is OTR with no alteration done. Blue tie/Navy shirt good match? or no? I appreciate every comments
Thank you very much for the heads up. I got 6 shoe trees, 4 cedar hangers, 2 shoes racks, 2 tie hangers for a little over a bill. Not to mention that they're all cedars. Great deal here.
    Got these nice loafers today. Appreciated the quality.
Maybe I squeezed my left arm too tight.
Hello again,   Will you please critic the fit of my jacket? Any comment is appreciated.   Thank you.              
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