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I realized. I normally wear them with solid black cotton casual pants, or sometimes, jeans. 
The jacket is actually a sport coat, and I have to agree that it looks like an orphaned suit jacket.    As of a navy, I am actually planning to buy a full navy suit at sometime next year, when I have money. I would really love Tom Ford, but my wallet will not be so happy about it.   I also like these pants. I love the pattern, and I think if only I had navy blazer, it will look great together. If...
  You are making a good point about this. That's how he's going to react. 
Thank you    I am very new to this environment because I used to wear street wear in my pre-20 (a whole wardrobe of colorful A Bathing Ape), but now I want to dress differently.    If possible, please answer the new thread I started about pants matching will be greatly appreciated.    P.S. Are you serious about the ties giveaway though?  I would be extremely interested... lol.
  Please ignore everything, but the jacket.   I have this wool jacket in charcoal with thin pinstripe, and I usually wear them with black cotton pants.    Now, I want to try something different, and J. Crew is having a good sales at the moment, so I decided to purchase these chinos here in Urban Slim fit.   I tried to avoid the same shade of charcoal/grey, so I looked for a light color of...
        Going to Indiana for the first business trip with my new favorite tie. I realized many members here dislike the tie, and I don't know why since its pattern is so great (maybe too loud?), but as a 20 years old, I think this type of color and pattern is acceptable.
  He is my favorite Marvel character...
  Wore these to the club. 
Well, I think going to a very good tailor will cost more, and I don't think it worth it for an H&M suit. He shouldn't pay $50 or more on his alteration.
Italian waiter wears white/white. It would be more like a grumpy bodyguard.
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