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It's the light and angle that made the jacket appears to have stain on it.
Is houndstooth considered classic?
I've been somewhat familiar with Burberry stuffs, but not about the suit.   I would like to know what is "Mainline Burberry"?    As far as I know, Burberry has four lines; Prorsum (Runway), London, Brit, and Sport. This suit is the London line, which I have no clue what year or who made.   I've read that HF used to make Burberry's suit, but not anymore. So, I want to know, judge by the label, who made this suit?   Is it half-canvassed?   It is...
To be honest though, I don't think the mainline Paul Smith is garbage. Of corse, P.S. Jeans, and those lower tier are horrible, but not the mainline.   For Burberry, I've purchased their trench coat (Imported) recently, and felt that the quality is great, but the construction is beyond terrible. Stitches are loose as well as the buttons. It was Burberry London. Maybe the fact that it was not made in UK is the why, but they should pay more attention to their garments,...
I personally think that Brooks created their suits for work environment.
I think it could work. I saw numerous people wear shirt like this with suit all the time. I just want to know if it is SF approved?
Hello again,   I am getting this T&A shirt for Christmas. I am wondering if it could be wearable with suit? What color to match them with suit/jacket and tie?   Seems like it is solid blue with white stripe.   P.S. How is the T&A shirt quality comparing to Brooks?   Thanks.   As I am browsing eBay for a Navy blazer (as advised), I couldn't find the one that is my size (34-36, depending on brand)   So, I browsed Yoox, and found this BB Blazer... 3 gold buttons in Dark Blue (Navy?)   Do you think it will be a good buy at $140 including shipping & everything?   I will get a size 34 since BB tends to make their garments bigger than the size...
White shirt and black bow tie  You look better with these combination... but nevertheless, no one can force you to do anything, so do as you/your date please.   P.S. I believe your date wants you to look different from the others.
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