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As I start getting less t shirt, and more dress shirt, I would like an advice on how to take care of a dress shirt.   Washing: Is it possible to hand wash dress shirt, and hang to dry? Or should I just take it to the Dry Cleaning to dry clean?   Storing: Buttoned all buttons and put it on a hanger?   Ironing: Iron or Steamer?    Thank you!
  3-Button... Thought?   P.S. Sorry for the tie knot... didn't realize it wasn't all the way up.
    Received the tie(s) from fellow SF-member, driftking (Big Thanks!) This is the one I have no clue how to match it... Blue shirt, this tie, and light gray jacket maybe??
    Even though the jacket is my favorite, anyone has an idea how to make it acceptable? If not, I will probably put them on bay.
      Glasses: Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Jacket: Dior Homme Shirt: Turnbull & Asser Tie: Boss Black Pants: J. Crew Urban Slim Chinos Loafers: AE
  Is this TF tie going to be hard to put on? I am thinking about buying it. Thanks!
Thank you for your advice.     Thank you.     Yes, that's a white on white stripe shirt. Is it not good?   I will try to nudge my tie all the way up next time.
Not sure if this is a good combo or not?
Trying to improve here. Trying to gain a little weight/muscle to fit in the 36R perfectly without taking in. Need about 5-10 more lbs.           Suit: Burberry London (Union made in USA, I think it was HF who made this suit?) Shirt: Thomas Pink Tie: Hugo Boss Black (on sale for $20 at Von Maur in Louisville) PS: Brioni Cufflinks: S.T. Dupont Watch: Tag Heuer Shoes: Allen Edmonds Loafers    
            Please help with the alteration. I realize that the jacket's sleeves are too long, as well as the length of the jacket. Anything else I should do? 
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