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It's Dior Homme. Neither baggy nor slim... best RTW available for me, at least...
            Worse? Better?   P.S. Sleeves are a little long, I know.
How does the suit fit though? Too large? Too small? I haven't alter them yet since I bought them (except hemming the pants).
I have a, how should I say, terrible sense of matching a tie... Is there any link that I could use to learn more about the matching patterns? Thanks.
      Suit: Dior Homme Shirt: T&A PS: Kent Wang Shoes: BB   .... improvement? or meh...?
  You can use SPEBID. He charges $30 a year with unlimited proxy. You only pay $30 the first time, then just for the item cost + shipping cost. I've never had any bad experiences with him, Spencer.    
  Well, only a few people are rocking bape these days... I still love their stuffs. Also, I can't find myself in a black leather jacket with v-neck tee or a silk scarf...   P.S. Thanks hypebeasts for stop hyping bape anymore... I think they're now hyping Supreme...
There is a time when I don't need to rock suit and tie             Jacket: MMJ x Bape Tee: Bape x Hanshin Tigers Jeans: Dior Homme MIJ 19cm Kicks: Nike SB SBTGs
Ralph Lauren currently has their sale going on (indefinitely?) and there is this 1" inch leather belt on sale for just $60. Use code BZR2992 for extra 10% off. I think it's a great deal for those who need new belt.
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