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Nope, I got it myself. It's Boss Black, but it was only $20... couldn't pass on that.
    AE Hinsdale... used one shade darker polish to dye the shoes darker... Satisfied with the result. Any thought?
Since I am more of a shoes addicted, from sneakers to dress shoes, I may be able to answer these questions for you.   1) Shoe cream and wax do not need to be Alden, however, since the shoes are cordovan, you need a cordovan cream and wax. Saphir  is a recommended ones. However, it is up to you if you want to spend $30 for the cream and wax. On a side note, it will last you years if you have only one shoes.   2) For the belt, I would use mink oil to maintain it....
  Any love for these Doc Oxbloods?
I have a question. I have these shoes and wonder if the cracks are repairable? or they are done?    
Okay, got it.    One thing though, I don't know if you guys missed it, but the color is "Dark Oak", and to my sight, these appear to be dark brownish... Or my eyes were just wrong?
What about beige/tan linen/cotton suit? or maybe a navy sport coat with beige/tan chinos?
Hello,   I am new to the John Lobb, and wondering if this is a good buy or not.   I already love the shoes, judging by the pictures. Was this a good buy? Good price? or just okay?   Let's say I wear this with gray, charcoal, navy, blue, or tan suit, is it wearable?    Thanks...
      What are SF thought about Prince of Wales suit? This one is the RLPL ... English made... English cut. I believe the English cut is more of a square shape than the Italian, am I correct?
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