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Everyday use with anything??   I have a 10% discount code on eBay, and thinking about using it toward this item... but what do you guys think about this coat? Is brown color good to go? or should I buy navy or charcoal?
  JL Darby II Dark Oak
  What does it mean by "nothing in them"?   As far as I know, fused jacket has nothing in them as well, isn't it?
Yes... or no? 
  So, it still has the full-canvassed, half-canvassed, and fused, depends on the quality right?
Hello all,   I have encountered a new term, "Unconstructed Blazer/SC", which I have questions about.   Does it mean that the jacket has no canvas, no glue, no nothing?   If so, how do I tell apart the quality of it? Fabric?   Also, can you please give me an example of decent suit-makers that makes unconstructed jacket?   Thank you for all responses.
All the opinions here are very helpful. Thanks for all. 
Well, for my understanding, navy jacket with brass buttons is more of a casualty side than formality. Maybe I'm wrong.   Also, does 10% nylon really matter? What's wrong with nylon?
        It is 90% Wool/10% Nylon. It is 3r2, and it features gold buttons. Do you guys think this blazer is versatile? It is flannel, so I think it would be a great blazer during winter.    What are your opinion about this blazer?
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