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The brown waxed flesh Vibergs gonna drop this month?
Did that already, haven't heard from them yet...
Notre site states that my order was fulfilled on 6/30 even though it was supposed to be in August. Didn't check the status before today as I didn't expect them to ship in June. As I said no shipment confirmation, no boots!
Notre had a preorder in June for brown waxed flesh Vibergs with a goal date in August. I just checked the status of my order and it states that it has been fulfilled. Never got any shipment mails and no boots! When I check the waxed flesh page most of the sizes are still on back order but size 11 (my size) is sold out. Has anyone got their boots? If you have, when did you receive them? If not, what is the status of your order?
If you decide that you will not keep both pairs, drop me a line!
This, either with dainite or cord soleĀ Or the same makeup with brown waxed flesh
According to Unionmade measurements the rise on slim narrows is ridiculously low, anybody comment on that?
@joshgustin Any chance of a new run of Naturals? Missed those and would like to get a pair of natural white jeans...
Don't really understand the decision to use partially constructed toe on the waxed flesh. The more disheveled waxed flesh boots look, the better - and this look is enhanced by an unstructured toe that has collapsed.
How do the Rigid officer chinos and the Slim-fit rigid chinos differ fitwise?
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