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Last fall I ordered a flannel shirt that had a late october shipping date. When the due date came and went I sent a mail on several occasions to them and got always the same answer: any day now / next week. Then in mid-december I got a refund because they could not deliver the shirt because there was a quality issue with my shirt. Maybe there was a quality issue and I did get a refund but still the whole process didn't feel very good.
It seems that I'm good at proposing commercially succesful makes This time around something differentHiker colour 8 chromexcelModel: HikerLast: 240Leather: colour 8 cxlLeather (tongue): colour 8 cxlEyelets: 7 vintage brass speedhooksSole: Vibram SierraComments: basically this make with different leather and one set more of speedhooks: http://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/hiker-mocha-oil-tan-roughout
I wouldn't mind if the makes that are ready would be sent out even if the one I'm waiting for is not one of them. I wouldn't gain anything by withholding them and I guess that others feel the same. Can you tell what was the reason for the glitch? Material problems?
Thanks for the info, which of the makes had a glitch?
Very funny
Can't understand your negativism when someone asks a reasonable question about the progress of GMTO. I know that they are ready when they are ready but would like to know something, Viberg certainly has knowledge on the ETA and if FoK was in contact with them, it would be nice to know also.
So, what did she tell you? The reference to ToJ is a bit vague.
I'd like to see something different from the service boots this time around, like a hiking boot?
How about hiking boots, any takers? Bison might look good...
Fok, any idea on the status of previous GMTO?
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