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The natural CXL bootModel: Service bootLast: 2030Leather: natural cxlLeather (tongue): natural cxlEyelets: 7 antique brassSole: dainiteComments: unstructured toe with a toe cap
Not natural cxl which gets much nicer patina in the long run.
Yes, my aim has been to have an unstructured toe but with a toe cap in the make, something like the pic below. If you guys are willing to go with this, maybe Fok could update the make on the vote?
My point exactly.
The dainite sole was just an example.If there is going to be some pre-censorship on the proposed makes I don't see the point of the vote - in that case Fok could come up with the makes himself. I guess I got it all wrong what this process was all about.And to be clear, I do appreciate Fok's work!
Thanks, the reason why I'm pushing the 4/9 is the fact that it would be exactly the make I'd like, not just something similar. Based by the instagram pics you can not tell, if the make in production is going to have eg. dainite soles. That is probably not a big factor in LA but in the snow and slush of north it's a totally different ball game...
What about 4/9? They got already 5-6 votes but are not on the list...
Could you refer to the different makes with the corresponding number? Eg. 'gentleman's shitkicker' could refer to many of the different proposed makes.   What about the 4/9 (natural cxl) making the top 5? I counted quite a few votes...
My votes go for 4 and 18.
Don't know which one you are referring in your picture but my make has 2030 last, 10 eyelets. Edited my post to give a better idea what I'm suggesting; something to replace my initial brandy shell cordovan make if shell is unavailable.
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