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You're right on the 60s vibe. I'd like to see more/better pics to be convinced on the latter. Wouldn't be the first time to be wrong, though.
I'd like to see what last Viberg has used on the Chelsea... Chelseas look best in quite aggressive lasts imho and Viberg has no such thing.
The question is, do the 2030 boots sell, because there is nothing on offer on other lasts or are all makes on 2030, because other lasts won't sell? I'm quite fed up with the constant whining about 2030... The last fits me perfectly but still I'm not one to suggest only to go with 2030. Why not just wait and see what makes people come up with and have a vote on those. That's democracy, right?
Anyone got a shipping confirmation from Notre on the brown waxed flesh preorders?
If some one is willing to part with size 11 mahogany shells, let me know!
Need some sizing advice on the ISC workshirts, I'm torn between sizes XL and XXL, size XL would be a better fit according to the measurements but have some worries if this will shrink any amount, then I'd probably need to size up. I'd be wearing this as a normal shirt with a t-shirt, not an overshirt.
Does anyone have any news regarding Notre preorder of brown waxed flesh? Have sent them emails but no answer...
Quite a collection! These seem all more or less brand new, ever wear them or just have them adorning your trophy case?
Did that already, haven't heard from them yet...
Notre site states that my order was fulfilled on 6/30 even though it was supposed to be in August. Didn't check the status before today as I didn't expect them to ship in June. As I said no shipment confirmation, no boots!
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