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Anyone have SS chinos (Porto-fit)? Are they tts or overly slim? What about the rise? How would they fit someone with some muscle on their thighs? Thanks! -K
Did you ever find out why this happens?
Could anyone post your actual chest/waist measurements in addition to the size and style you picked from Kamakura as the sizing guide http://kamakurashirts.com/contents/styleguide/ is really confusing as it gives two chest and waist measurements and the difference between these two is 8" regardless of style! And if you could post the actual measurements (especially pit-to-pit) of your shirt as well, that would be really helpful! Thanks in advance!   -K
Thanks for your account! I'll be going on vacation on Amalfi coast and Capri for two weeks soon and I'm planning to do some shopping in Naples, too. Any other pointers? I guess it's saldi time, right? What about the language barrier as I don't speak Italian?
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