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This, either with dainite or cord sole Or the same makeup with brown waxed flesh
According to Unionmade measurements the rise on slim narrows is ridiculously low, anybody comment on that?
@joshgustin Any chance of a new run of Naturals? Missed those and would like to get a pair of natural white jeans...
Don't really understand the decision to use partially constructed toe on the waxed flesh. The more disheveled waxed flesh boots look, the better - and this look is enhanced by an unstructured toe that has collapsed.
How do the Rigid officer chinos and the Slim-fit rigid chinos differ fitwise?
How is the sizing of the SS15 Gresco military workshirt, big / small / tts?
Which way did you go, RgT or 3sixteen? On the fence with these two. Could you provide the thigh / front rise / back rise measurements for your size?
Yep, mine was shipped on the 10th and departed LA on the 15th, no updates in between. Hopefully next stop is Europe.
   Well, I'm starting to get a bit concerned if they were shipped out the day before yesterday as the status is still the same. What about the rest of you, what is the status of your shipments? Edit: If it has any relevance, I'm an international customer.
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