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Would like to see something different this time around, anyone interested in hiking shoes?
How do EG Workaday fatigues and twill 41 chinos fit? Are they tts or vanity sized? Seen 'evidence' to support both depending on the size info given on different sites. And how do you find the sizing on OrSlow fatgues?
Totally off topic, but you are wrong. When you get more muscular, you get more size. When you push more weight relative to your weight, you gain strength/power.
I just called UPS with the UPS tracking number i got from JE and it is for tracking the shipment from JE to PB in fact, not the one that has any relevance to me. What kind of shipping did PB use to Canada? Air mail / snail mail?
I got the PB tracking number also but as it does not provide any info on the actual tracking I e-mailed JE and got the UPS tracking number. According to the UPS tracking number I should receive my shipment today but I doubt that as I live in Europe and the shipment seems to be on some kind of US tour CA->IL->IN->... Did some have to pay double customs/taxes for their shipment, first while ordering and then when the shipment arrived in the destination country? If that is...
Has anyone received #28, cream slated flannel shirt yet? It seems long overdue.
Sadly many don't seem to understand the importance of the former. Reading this thread many seem to size down on the Everest parka to get a modern fit and thus killing any chance of getting a warm jacket.
Don't want to sound like an ass, but hopefully opening this does not slow the manufacturing of the original orders. The preorder wss open for a while, though, and interested parties could have jumped on it at that time.Tinkering with the timetable is just as bad as tinkering with the make would be!
Not cheap but still cheaper to Europeans than ordering from US/Canada (if hit by customs)
Vibergs are now available at MrPorter
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