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  Thank you!
Does anyone know how long the BB sale lasts? I'll arrive in NYC on the 24th.. will the sale still be on?
Although i'd prefer it were the other way, I get more compliments from men. I agree with the post above: compliments from a woman can be very tricky, and I assume most just keep it to themselves. A few days ago I was told by a gay guy that he thought I looked good, so I must be doing something right I think.
i bought a pair of alpha khakis (30x32) when they were on sale on Boxing Day.. I still haven't washed them (i've been traveling) but i'll post after i do to see if they shrink or not. And I was between the 29, 30 and 31 waist, but just got the one in the middle. 
A new combination I tried out today, not sure if it worked. Also, I realize that there is too much pocket square showing, but don't worry as it was pushed into the pocket later on.
I just had an idea.   What if i got an extra pair of shoe trees and "glued" (if you will) an extra layer (of plastic, wood, whatever) in front of it (only in the tip or toe box of the shoe tree) as to make it wider and so when they stretch, they stretch evenly. After that, i'd spray the loafers and put that modified shoe tree inside?
i bought some spray today. Should i try or not?   I really want to be able to wear this loafer because it's the only black one i got; the other two are brown.   if something like this is "passable" then i won't even bother, but i'm assuming it's not.
guys i have a question:   I bought 3 loafers a month ago, and one of them i recalled being a little narrow when i bought it, so i assumed the leather would stretch and i'd be alright.    Fast forward to now, and the leather did stretch and the loafer is super comfortable. However, this is the result:       Due to my wide area in the ball of my foot/pinky toe, the leather has now stretched and the result is what you see in the image (sorry for the angle...
  It really varies. Depending on what you'd like to get done (make the nose longer, lower the tip, make it more narrow, remove a hump, fix nostrils, etc.) the surgery can be very invasive (requiring cartilage from your septum, ear or ribs to reconstruct things) or minimally invasive.    Ask ANY plastic surgeon what the most difficult procedure is in cosmetic surgery, and they'll all say it's rinoplasty. You can even google it if you don't believe me. The reason for this...
what were you thinking on getting done?   I had a rhinoseptoplasty to fix breathing issues and said "what the hell" and got a nose job with it too. I am happy with the results, but to a certain extent only. I'm probably going to get a revision in the next year because my breathing improved, but I feel it can improve much, much more and you don't know how frustrating it is to only breathe from one nostril (and the other when it decides it wants to work) and having to...
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