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Nonnative Mouton sheepskin jacket. Took a bit of a gamble on this one, couldn't find too much information about it online but it was hard to pass up at 3 bills     Ervell mesh formal trousers
Anyone know whether totokaelo drops any further?
Awesome white tee with a slightly tech feel to it that is unfortunately a little too small for me. Worn 4-5 times and been stored in the closet ever since. Made in Japan.   Was hung up only for this picture, was stored folded. PM me with any questions.
Brand new Raf Simons pullover I grabbed from the Mr Porter sale this season. Just trying to get back what I paid for it. Never worn. PM me if you have any questions.
for those still looking for some flight pants- gravitypope has some left on sale with an extra 20% off. just picked up a 46 myself http://www.gravitypope.com/clothing/product/7834-robert-geller-rg14-0104-1-
anyone know how to size the balenicaga plastic panel highs? compared to CP or gat sizing if possible
if someone here grabbed the margaret howell khaki coat in a small and decides not to keep it, shoot me a message
wow standard jeans fit really tight this season, would recommend sizing up. also if anyone's gotten the track pants already and has comments on the fabric, etc. please post them here, thanks!
damn those deconstructed blazers are so cool
  too hot to wear much else so a pretty simple fit t by aw/geller/cp
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