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NMWA pickups   Lunettes Kollektion   Lightning Bolt Tee
extra 15 off at suspension point code: EXTRA15
Hm good point, I'll start keeping an eye out on the yahoo japan and rakuten too then and hopefully I'll find some slightly used ones for cheap. Thanks for the info!   Edit: Do you find that Japan stockists usually sell out of the virgils and fbt before sales season?
Do you guys buy visvim footwear by proxying from Japan usually or from the stores in the US/Canada? I've been on the lookout for a pair of Virgils and FBTs but it seems like after factoring in shipping and everything it usually isn't that much cheaper to buy from Japan.
I've found the quality to be pretty good on them too. The one's I posted have a nice weight to them and a lot of the details are pretty nice and unique. Definitely going to pick up more Trove stuff this season
[[SPOILER]]  Shirt: MHLTee: AcnePants: TroveShoes: Nike
Nonnative Mouton sheepskin jacket. Took a bit of a gamble on this one, couldn't find too much information about it online but it was hard to pass up at 3 bills     Ervell mesh formal trousers
Anyone know whether totokaelo drops any further?
Awesome white tee with a slightly tech feel to it that is unfortunately a little too small for me. Worn 4-5 times and been stored in the closet ever since. Made in Japan.   Was hung up only for this picture, was stored folded. PM me with any questions.
Brand new Raf Simons pullover I grabbed from the Mr Porter sale this season. Just trying to get back what I paid for it. Never worn. PM me if you have any questions.   SOLD
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