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Here is shot of a completed Shell Cordovan hide ready for boot construction.   Two sections make one pair.  And there are only two sections from one horse.  The hind quarter.  I believe the photo shows one of the two hind sections.   
No details on the 744 LTD.  None.  Wolverine will not release photos until the pre-set release date.  I'm waiting until I see them first.  But I would act fast if I like them. 
tsekh, no there are no public tours.  Its just that the place is full of laid back hard working regular guys who are proud of what they do.  Most of them are happy to show you around.  Provided you are not getting in their way.  Which depending on where you are in the building is easy to do.  Drive your car to the rear of the building.  Looks like an alley.  That is the way in.  The hook is that Horween sells hides to walk ins.  That was my initial purpose to visit.  And...
MarioImpemba, yes that is exactly where I bought my 721 LTDs.  I talked to the manager "Bob" on the phone.  He called Wolverine to see if there were boots available.  I paid for my order and the boots are being shipped direct from Wolverine to me.  And you can put in a pre-order with Bob at Fitzgerald's Mens store for the 744 LTD.  1-616-957-2531 ask for Bob.  I would imagine it helps talking to a real person when you are spending nearly a grand.  That is what I did.   
I apologize if my message was not directed correctly.   I was referring to the last pair of the limited production of the 1000 Mile 721 LTD Shell Cordovan boot.  There where only 1000 boots total produced for the 721 LTD Shell Cordovan.  Wolverine apparently had one last pair still in the factory.  That is the pair that I bought yesterday.  So I got the last of the 721 LTD series.  I don't know if it is actually number 1000 or just the last pair still in the factory.  I...
How are you. I am fairly new to Wolverine boots. I noticed the 1000 Mile line and fell in love. With in the past year I now own two pair of 1000 Mile boots. Yesterday I was able to hunt down a pair of the 721 LTD Shell Cordovan in my size US 11. My true size is 12. The store manager told me that when he called Wolverine he was told that I had just purchased the last pair in Wolverine's factory. He Was thoroughly entertained at the idea that I had the last pair of...
New Posts  All Forums: