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Hi everyone I'm trying to organize my closet and I was looking for a way to hang my jeans. I came across which I thought was a neat way to hang jeans with. However, it seems the product is only for retail and not private consumers. Does anyone know any alternative to the janger or how do you guys hang your jeans (if you do)?
Silly question but, do Suitsupply offer black suits (the occasion calls for it) on site? Could not find any on their website. 
 Thanks for the response! Do you think a tailor could adjust the back? I will definitely keep the collar in mind as I buy a proper shirt! 
  Makes sense! Here are some photos: This is my first suit and any type of formal wear so I used what I could find at home. For graduation I will wear a tie, pocket square, belt, another shirt and other shoes. I was not sure how high the pants should sit.     As said, I don't know anything about a suits, but from the pictures I feel as if there is excess fabric in the arms and it is a bit tight on back.   If you guys would make any alterations, what would they be?
Hello!   Today I picked up my first suit ever and overall I feel like it fits properly. However, I'm not sure how a suit should really fit and I'm concerned that it might be too big around the midsection. How should the suit fit around this area? 
Hi!   I got this Cardigan as a gift for Christmas:   I just wanted to ask since I'm awful with fashion, what can I wear with this cardigan? If I decide to go with a T-Shirt, what would a suitable color be?   Regards,
Hi all,   Got this cardigan as a Christmas gift:   Since I'm really lousy at fashion I just wanted to ask what would an appropriate color be for a T-Shirt with this cardigan?
Hi,   I'm considering getting a leather jackaet and I like this one:¤cy=EUR   However, I do not have an AllSaints shop close to me, and I would like to try it on before I buy it. So could you guys maybe suggest some other jacket which have a similar look? By all means can it be cheaper :)
Hi,   I was thinking of getting a pea coat for this winter. However, I really need some advice. I'd prefer one in grey, but black and dark blue is also fine. Budget is max 300 euro.   I've been looking at these...
Where can I buy a similar hoodie to this one? (they have not had my size in stock for a month)
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