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  True. :D cold weather plus not so well glued, I guess.
Well alright, I take some of my words back. They aren't exactly the same, but from my disappointing experience, I wouldn't recommend Margiela GATs to anyone. Paid about 200 usd (yoox) and they lasted for a month. The originals I bought 2 years ago from for 30 usd shipped and are still in a decent condition.
^ Please post some pictures. I might buy some new affordable beater sneakers - Maybe... Daniele Alessandrini, Svensson, Filippa K or Doucals
  fuuma or kunk said true to size if I remember correctly
  hahaha, at first I didn't notice there was a price mistake
  In this case you pay more for their design (e.g. painted MMM GATs), and not for their quality. Margiela's are not that much better quality than the original GAT's. I have had both.
I avoid buying from Maison Martin Margiela. So weird how its quality isn't any good at all.
  Good job. This is so good, almost too good.
  ouch, i want at least this shirt from dries ss2013 :)    also paint splattered shirt from dries ss2011...   
  this sounds good, and not too boring
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