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  It's normal when snow is everywhere about 3 to 4 months in a year
new season shoes looks nice to me.   
Bonded cotton parka looks very good. I like bonded stuff.   There's few pieces on sale that I'll give a try when they're 70% off. Don't really need new clothes though.   Smooth cotton t-shirt. Cool basic, I think. Any of you got 'em?       Fingerless gloves for fall. 18 euros.
  Jealous! Pretty much perfect fit there. :) One of my grail shirts and I am a huge fan of tapered leg elastic waistband trousers.  Btw does the shirt fit bigger than Dries usually?
  Just because they were cheaper than normally. I wonder how many did this. Either bought in a wrong size or don't have anything to wear with them...
quite often i buy 2 of the same thing even if the same color. it is sometimes smart and sometimes stupid
  actually the prices were great... less than 300 euros for a rick owens leather jacket. new season and if would have bought either way
well, thecorner is owned by yoox group. this pricing mistake won't be too detrimental to the company. lucky you. :)   I had a chance to buy cheap RO dunks for myself. It just didn't felt right and I am not a fan so passed.
Yoox sample sale, European selection. It's 59 euros.
  I prefer fashion and movies. Atm, would want to wear more futuristic.   Raf polyester velcro shirt? :)  
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