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  How do you know that eluther?
Not on here....
This google search actually included no relevant results as to the differences between the two sites...
What were the conclusions?
What are the differences for those that have been on both?
  I'm surprised it's so hard to find. Even the Tommy John's (which retail at Nordstrom) - only come in white and black in-store. Online they have gray, but its a mid-to-dark colored gray, and not a lighter, heather colored one which would be less see-through.
Can't find these in gray anywhere.   I heard light gray/oatmeal/heather doesn't show through semi-see through dress shirts as much as a white shirt does.
For anyone who owns gray v-neck undershirts, what brands do you reccommend?   It seems most brands only carry white and black.
unbelragazzo ( - Consulting, and all business - it is unacceptable to not wear an undershirt.
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