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The gf got me dove gray hopsack walts, pretty psyched.
One of the worst fit pics ever (low artificial light and GFs dusty mirror), but good lord I love this coat! I do not understand how it made it to the sale section! Are quilted sport coats just not cool? I have this and the double breasted veneto from last year and they are easily my favorite outerwear choices. This is more of a spring coat I guess, but perfect for sunny 50° winter days in stl w a bit of layering. Epaulet, I thunk you guys killed it with the veneto line!...
Can the veneto quilted sport coats be pressed and worn as a 3 roll 2?
Cognac carmina long wings and burgundy hopsack on a cool grey spring day.
Hi Mike,   Will the new EPLA polos be really breathable like the lucianos or like some of the sunspels, or witll they be the more traditional pique?   Also, any linen or linen blend shirts or polos for the summer?   thanks!
Yeah, driggs cargos seem like they would be best IMO
In for cargos! Been looking at alternatives but would prefer epaulet.
These longwings look sick! Can't wait for tomorrow to give them a spin! So glad I jumped on them. Any more MTO carmina/vass on the horizon mike? The two payment approach makes them a lot easier to stomach. Also, any recommendations to keep them looking nice and shiny? I have a pair of Alden cordovan boots and it seems that no matter what I do, they end up dull. I really don't want the carminas to go down that road. I use Alden cordavon wax and ronvateur. Any other...
The Doyle is sweet. In the Midwest there are a lot of times that a sport coat is just too much (sadly), but the Doyle works perfectly for casual. I also am not a jeans and sport coat guy, but Doyle fills that nitch as well. Really looking forward to different fabric options... A light chambray for warm weather and wax cotton for fall would both be rad
Are you doing sprind Driggs or just sticking to those first three for now?  Don't get me wrong, they look great, but I'd like to pick up a linen pant this year, and I think it would be a great way to try out the driggs.  thanks
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