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Just wanted to say thanks @LA Guy and others for another fantastic SF trunk show. Your hard work is definitely appreciated. It was exciting to see how big the event has gotten and to meet some of you in the flesh. The venue gets better every year. Until next time!
Be there around 3pm
Count yourself lucky you got to use the break. The wedding I attended had the usual Indian break of ~ 5 hours, but it was a destination wedding out in the middle of nowhere at a coastal venue in the Mediterranean. ~80 guests trapped in heat with finger foods while the bride/groom/family took pictures until buses came to take everyone back to hotels, we ended up with only ~1 hour to change b/w ceremony and reception. Even if I hadn't planned to change I would have had to it...
Gonna have to agree with ter on this one. I was recently in a Punjabi wedding overseas and I was one of the few non-indians in attendance. I was never the only person in western attire (men more so than women) so it was not that big a deal. If anything, the party after the ceremony will be more western in dress; pretty much all guys and many younger women switched to western garb for the reception. I brought an extra shirt and tie for the evening party, along with a flower...
Will be at a wedding this weekend, perfect timing.
 Budget? OTR, MTM, Bespoke all options?  I'm having a gray 3 piece made for my wedding by Ercole (Brooklyn) and would recommend a 3pc suit. You'll get more use out of it than a tux. She gets a ring, and a dress she will wear once. Why not get something nice for yourself? Start by browsing some of the online shops, see what styles you like. Do you own any suits already?  Congrats btw.
What about some of the Navy, Navy/Brown check patterns Drake's has? Do the ties have to be gray?
B & E I like. If you must have 3 A is it.
Where are you located? Are you set on OTR? For $2k you could get a really good MTM or bespoke suit, depending on where you are.
Pics of my wedding suit. Bespoke 3-piece from Franco Ercole.  Have 1-2 more fittings so it's almost done. Still not sure about tie color. Was thinking traditional glen plaid etc.. but after seeing this tie the shop had on the mannequin I am thinking about a color based off fiancee's bouquet or something similar. Thoughts?      
New Posts  All Forums: