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57,710 + 300 = 58,010
latest aquistions from Gambert Custom Shirt in NJ.  L is a casual, BD collar w/ pocket. R is french cuff, french placket. semi-spread collars on both. loved the feel of the fabric on both and was looking for a nice bright shirt for spring. .
Can 2nd on the great bakeries in the area. Have not tried the food but given the neighborhood I assume it's just as good.  Sunny day today so I'm wearing my latest from Ercole. Beautiful shirt with color-matched stitching on the buttons (suggested by one of the staff). French front, semi spread BD collar. Had the collar points made about 1/4 inch shorter for me. Great work as usual.   I am trying to get out to the BK shop for a suit in the next month so I will...
15650 + 200 = 15850
Based on experience $250+, depending on fabric.
10410+200 = 10,610
So....what ever happened to your three-suit commission? Are any of the pictures you mentioned forthcoming? Interested to see the outcome, hope it turned out well for you.
  6622 + 250 = 6872
If it must be in NYC as well as <$250, then I'd have to 2nd CEGO. However, if easily accessible from NYC is on the table, I would also recommend Gambert in Newark/Millburn, NJ. Shirts start ~$150 & go to $300+, depending on fabric. Shop is great, the staff is great.   Good Luck.
You have lots of options <$500. A lightweight overcoat, above/below knee will work well in a formal/business setting. Peacoat as mentioned above. A trenchcoat also could work provided it's your style.   Check this link out:   Overcoats
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