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 That stinks. I liked J, didn't know his gig was temporary but good for him. That explains the ~7 weeks w/o contact regarding my latest commission. I'll have to find out who to contact now about my fitting. I hope this new woman is as fun to work with as J. Anywho, was out in Chicago during a coldsnap last week and got to put my overcoat to good use. Pic isn't great but it did keep me warm when it was 0F outside. Glad to be back in the relative warmth of the northeast.
In my family's experience, RMHC = awesome no matter where you are. Donate away!
Due to some recent purchases, the count stands @ 24. Don't wear suits much to work, but I have to wear a white coat, so my shirts get to be more busy, pattern wise.   Most are dress shirts, but ~ 5 are button down collar/casual wear, 2 are French cuff formal shirts.
Had a great time yesterday @ the show. Got to meet some new people (Fok, Jen) who are just fantastic to talk to. Also, was able to visit Kent Wang to spot some of his ties for upcoming wedding and pick up a couple pocket squares.     Better still, the Ercole team and I got started on the suit for my wedding and I can't wait to watch it all come together.   Gray (folded fabric), 3 piece, very excited.   Thanks again to Fok, others for putting together such a fun...
 The tux (and the bride) look great. I'll be getting married next Aug and I am having Frank & Co. do my wedding suit as well (3 pc, gray). Hoping to get started at the trunk show next week. Congrats again!
+50 = 95,072
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