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Would not want to miss it. RSVP'd today.
headed there 1st week of October. Any updates on what to do/see/eat?
Sure, still waiting on more pics from the photographer. We paid to have the photos taken, don't own the copyrights, and then get to pay again to have them printed. We went into the wrong field  Ercole has made me a few peices, and they have always allowed me to avoid the too-tight too short look that pervades so much today, even when i was a newb with no knowledge of bespoke or menswear in general. The last pic is a SJ the made for me back in 2013.  
Finally got the pics back from my wedding. Ercole bespoke 3-pc sharkskin. I loved it, wife loved it and hopefully I will have many more opportunities to wear it.     Have always had decent Customer Service though I will agree Jeremy was fantastic. Have not visited since Dec 2015 and it was getting better back then.
From the big day ~ 1 month ago.   Suit by Ercole Bespoke (Brooklyn, NY), Shirt from Gambert Custom Shirts (Millburn, NJ), Tie by our very own Yellow Hook neckties (Brooklyn, NY).    
How has the quality @ JAB been since their acquisition by MW? I have a wedding coming up and some nephews need some inexpensive suits. They are tall but so young and likely to continue growing so we don't want to spend a bunch of $. $200 for a suit they can have for even a year or two would be good.
Love Chanel Egoiste.     I've used it for ~ 5 years now. Hard to find now and they have made a "platinum" version I am not a fan of.  Original is is a very conservative masculine fragrance composed of spice, wood and vanilla notes. The top notes, intensive and fresh, include rosewood and coriander. Later on, the fragrance character becomes warmer and mysterious due to Bulgarian rose, carnation and warm cinnamon in its heart. The main theme of the composition (long and...
Heading to the Met in a couple weeks for a premiere. Don't own/want to rent a tux nor would i feel comfortable wearing one.   My choices are charcoal grey pinstripe or navy suit. Both SB, 2-button.   Any advice would be appreciated. The pinstripe suit is darker and looks more "formal" but, pinstripes. Is the rule of no pinstripes outside business setting still a big enough deal?    
If you use hot water as it recommends, you will get a liquid solution. If you are using a paste-like solution, you will not get the benefits of the relatively simple chemical compounds in oxiclean. i used this method yesterday 2 scoops + 16 fl oz of hot water, it came out a liquid, I assure you. Worked like gangbusters on some 2 year old ring-around-the collar and cuff stains.
Can anyone tell me if the hanger hooks on the shirt hangers go all the way through the wood and are secured with a washer/nut, or is the base of the hook embedded in the wood via a few threads? Thank you!
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