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 Budget? OTR, MTM, Bespoke all options?  I'm having a gray 3 piece made for my wedding by Ercole (Brooklyn) and would recommend a 3pc suit. You'll get more use out of it than a tux. She gets a ring, and a dress she will wear once. Why not get something nice for yourself? Start by browsing some of the online shops, see what styles you like. Do you own any suits already?  Congrats btw.
What about some of the Navy, Navy/Brown check patterns Drake's has? Do the ties have to be gray?
B & E I like. If you must have 3 A is it.
Where are you located? Are you set on OTR? For $2k you could get a really good MTM or bespoke suit, depending on where you are.
Pics of my wedding suit. Bespoke 3-piece from Franco Ercole.  Have 1-2 more fittings so it's almost done. Still not sure about tie color. Was thinking traditional glen plaid etc.. but after seeing this tie the shop had on the mannequin I am thinking about a color based off fiancee's bouquet or something similar. Thoughts?      
Not necessarily "in the wild" but here is my cognac briefcase in the "office". Got it in January, still enjoying that great new leather smell. Would love a version that is about ~ 1/2 inch wider. My laptop is about avg size but when I need to carry any kind of paperwork, or an extra pair of scrubs, it gets tight real quick. 
Had another fitting for the wedding suit. Its coming along great, fits really well. Latest visit was for pants and the vest.    Most of the pics I took of me in the mirror came out all blurry so I've posted just a couple. The pants felt snug w/o being tight, and are not their final length yet (pics now high quality enough to show the chalk marks).  I got side tabs plus brace buttons.                  plus one of the jacket/vest on the mannequin. Not my tie, that...
 2nded. I've worked with Frank & Co for about a year and 1/2 now and I've been able to make appointments within 1 week of calling or e-mailing without a problem. If you're willing to head into Manhattan on weekdays or Brooklyn on weekends, they have always been great to work with. Had an overcoat made last year (bespoke) and Ercole had it done in ~ 5 weeks so I was able to wear it in time for all the snow we had in NY last year. A may deadline is likely doable and they'll...
Had 1st fitting of the wedding suit yesterday. Frank and his dad were a pleasure as always. Just the jacket/waistcoat were ready but looked great. Hopefully I'll be in better shape by the big day. Pics will be up when my brother sends em to me.
 That stinks. I liked J, didn't know his gig was temporary but good for him. That explains the ~7 weeks w/o contact regarding my latest commission. I'll have to find out who to contact now about my fitting. I hope this new woman is as fun to work with as J. Anywho, was out in Chicago during a coldsnap last week and got to put my overcoat to good use. Pic isn't great but it did keep me warm when it was 0F outside. Glad to be back in the relative warmth of the northeast.
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