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It varies for every body type I guess..a slim fit for me may not exactly fit well with another so I think it's best to have your measurement taken by a skilled tailor for those types.
I would go for the Brooks Brothers coat.
    Custom tailored no doubt. Very 1980s?
Are you sure the scratch was there when you bought it? If yes, I'm sure you can have it returned. The creasing you probably acquired when walking.
Brioni, Brooks Brothers, Armani, Ralph Lauren...
what's up with their matching outfits? did their stylists exchanged notes prior to the debate? I was hoping ROmney in a more tailored suit.
dark colored pants ..and you can wear other shirts underneath your sports coat and not exclusively dress shirts
  Anything to make her happy..and if you agree with her all's well.
The gabardiine suit seems ok and the button stance's height is perfect.
poly/rayon blend can make the suit appear somewhat shiny, not exactly popular with conservative offices.
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