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Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts absolutely! great look! +1
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I like it that Michael had the class and the guts to admit that he did it. In this world of everyone having a PR agent to put a spin on things, nobody admits to anything anymore. At showed honesty. Good for him. Yea, after his PR agents tried to talk the Newspaper out of publishing the news..
Quote: Originally Posted by mert54 Normally I wouldn't care about a guy smoking weed, but Phelps is an athlete, the best in the world. I find it ridiculous that he is smoking, and messing up his training. That picture was taken during a time where he didn't even practice b/c he took a break after Beijing. Still the second incident damaging his public image, after he was caught DUI several years ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf the computer was an idea borrowed from the "Minority Report" movie, also seen in the movie "The Island" on the director's desk I expect to see real developments of a computer display like that soon. it pretty much already exists:
As little as I am a "fan" of the Formula 1, it still interests me to read about it, so I really hope they bury the plans for all the teams to work with the same engine.
Quote: Originally Posted by beefcake the new audi's are awesome in general, i think. the A4/A5s are really nice to look at imo. +1
I certainly would. It's pretty awesome!
I got Sennheiser HD 595s, and I love them too. Use them on my Denon PMA500AE most of the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan What do you have now? I have a Denon PMA 500 AE amplyfier with a Denon DCD500AE Disc player. The amp is also hooked up with my laptop for low quality mp3 sounds As for speakers I own a pair of Mordaunt Short 902i sitting on Mission Stance stands. Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan What do you dream about owning? I'm pretty sufficient with it right now being a...
Dior - Fahrenheit
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